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Soul Reaver reportedly receiving reboot
The PSX paid witness to several titles that have attained cult following in the decade plus since its launch. One such title is the follow-up to Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen. The sequel given the subtitle Soul Reaver was first released in 1999 and has been released as part of ... [read more]
Telltale Games releases first trailer for The Walking Dead
With season 2 of The Walking Dead ending last night, it was awesome, here comes a trailer for The Walking Dead game. From TellTale Games, who seem to be on a tear getting licensed adventure games made such as Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, The Walking Dead game will ... [read more]
Get creeped out when you meet Bioshock Infinite's Boys of Silence
Another week and another video from Irrational Games about their Heavy Hitters in Bioshock Infinite. This week it's the Boys of Silence, and they are creepy to look at. They can't see you, but they can hear you as they walk around the levels. If they hear you, they'll ale... [read more]

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4 videogame marketing campaigns that were out of this world
EA sent some copies of Mass Effect 3 into space to market the game. As unique as that may seem, there are other companies that have had their share of interesting marketing ideas.... [read more]
The Death of Metal Gear Online
Metal Gear Online is, and will always be known as, an experiment with mix results. It lasted quite a long time, but with some fixes, could it have lasted longer?... [read more]
Jennifer Hale: "The most difficult job I've ever done."
It's been more than 2 years since Jennifer Hale was on the Original Gamer Podcast.  Back then, she was merely hoping that Mass Effect 2 players would hear her voice.  Since then, Bioware has decided to make the female Commander Shepard, known as FemShep, to ... [read more]

Latest Reviews

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Review
Last year Mortal Kombat resurfaced back on to the fighting game scene, revitalizing the series and reminding everyone about the glory days of the 90's. Fast forward a year later, Mortal Kombat is back again taking a play from other fighting games and releasing a Komplete Edi... [read more]
Nexuiz Review
For a game that prides itself on offering an alternative in the multiplayer market, Nexuiz does an awful job of providing a consistent experience. More times than not, you will find yourself waiting for at least five minutes for the game to find other available players. ... [read more]
Zombie Slayer Diox Review
With basic gameplay and not much else, Zombie Slayer Diox is undeader than disco.... [read more]

Latest Videos

8-Bit Eric: Golf Review
8-Bit Eric continues reviewing the original "black box" NES games. This time, he looks at the most "exciting" game fo the bunch, Golf. ... [read more]
The RPG Fanatic: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review
The RPG Fanatic takes a look at the newest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIII-2. ... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Skyrim Pt. 29-32
The end is almost near.... [read more]

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