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9 months of DLC coming for Modern Warfare 3
It’s time to prepare yourself for the 9 months of DLC content for Modern Warfare 3. That’s right, 9 MONTHS. Activision is calling it Modern Warfare 3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite, and it’s starting January 24th with the release of 2 new multiplayer maps, Lib... [read more]
5 Xbox 360 Disappointments of 2011
2011 was a great year for gaming with some brilliant AAA titles releasing seemingly every month. Some people are even proclaiming 2011 as the best year in gaming history but for me, there were a lot of titles that either didn’t deliver on what was promised or that failed t... [read more]
PS Vita to support Netflix at launch
At Sony's CES conference yesterday, Kazuo Hirai announced that the PS Vita will have Nextflix support at launch. ... [read more]

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Mighty Switch Force! Review
A short, but mighty fine game.... [read more]
NBA Jam On Fire Edition Review
With physics-defying dunks, players with oversized heads, and the ability to set people on fire, the NBA Jam series is not an authentic take on anything. It is, however, a hell of a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends. With the cancellation of NBA Elite 11 last ye... [read more]
Sonic Generations 3D Review
This video notwithstanding, I have been fairly kind to Sonic the Hedgehog, giving the 3DS version of Sonic Colors a 9, and an 8.5 to Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 . This is partially because I am a newcomer to Sonic’s games, and partially because Sega has been putting a ... [read more]

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8-Bit Eric: NFL Blitz Review
8-Bit Eric doesn't just do review of old games. He'll review a new game, as long as it's a retro title. That's where NFL Blitz comes in. The new NFL Blitz has all the fun of the original game, but with some modern upgrades. ... [read more]
The RPG Fanatic: BioWare Bans Players of Star Wars: TOR For Being Too Good At The Game
Recently, Bioware started banning players that were accessing high level loot while being at a low level.  The RPG Fanatic shares his thoughts on this practice, and what Bioware should be doing to stop th... [read more]
8-Bit Eric: Discussing The Official Zelda Timeline
With Nintendo officially releasing a timeline for the Zelda series in the Hyrule Historia book, alot of confusion is still abound. In this video, 8-Bit Eric goes into detail about the new timeline to help you out. ... [read more]

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Afterfall: Insanity Review
Afterfall: Insanity was distributed based on an interesting premise; if it managed to pick up ten million pre-orders, all worth only a single dollar, the developers of Intoxicate Studios promised to donate ten percent of that to charity. Understandably, and as far as I have been able to tell, they did not reach this goal. And while the game is certainly worth the original one dollar they were asking for, I can't honestly say that I would be willing to pay much more than that.
Serious Sam 3: BFE Review
Serious Sam 3 is no different than its predecessors in that it is a medkit and armor shard-grabbing trigger-happy gorefest with little to no story to speak of, with what might possibly be one of the highest body counts ever seen in a video game. Other, lesser games such as Duke Nukem Forever made a strong case that maybe some conventions are better off dead in the water. Does Serious Sam 3 enforce this, or is it a shining example of how you can have mindless fun in a much more mindful age?
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review
There is just too much to play this year, and having The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim released alongside all those other big games has set me back months. Bethesda's new titan of a game has done better than any other Elder Scrolls game before it, and has made a strong imprint on Internet culture and grabbed the attention of a whole new audience of people.
Minecraft Review
After being in an Alpha and Beta build for God knows how long, Minecraft has been officially released.
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review
Think World War II games are dead? Not with Red Orchestra 2.
Tropico 4 Review
Screw simulating, control your island with an iron glove in Tropico 4.
The AssKickers Review
The side scrolling beat ‘em up is an oft-forgotten genre, but it has been getting some attention in the last couple of years. Having a fondness for indie games, I was eager to give it a shot. With many fond memories of games like Streets of Rage sitting in the back of my mind, I always welcome a new addition to the genre, and was excited to see what The Asskickers had to offer.
Portal 2 Review
Does Portal 2 have what it takes to live up to the hype?
Doc Clock: The Toaster Sandwich of Time Review
Doc Clock: The Toaster Sandwich of Time--isn’t much more than a glorified flash game, and it’s not one of the good ones either.
Purify Puzzle Review
A new take on puzzle games from a local indie developer, Paper Child Studios, based in Austin.
Killing Floor Review
If you’re looking to waste some time killing zombies and have completely lost all patience with Zoey’s refusal to take off that hoodie in any appearance she has made post-L4D (like it’s really cold in the south, seriously) then logon to Steam and check out Killing Floor. Be warned, however, you will face an even smaller plot, even more characters that you don’t develop any affinity for and the least eloquent British accents you could possibly imagine.
Worms Reloaded Review
The worms are back.
City of Heroes: Going Rogue Review
The RPG Fanatic recently reviewed the superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes. He received some flack for not reviewing the other expansions so here he is again with a review of the latest expansion, City of Heroes: Going Rogue.
Starcraft II Review
For those of you just turning 12 this year, you will never know a world without Star Craft. Which bodes well for you, because you also likely will not remember a world waiting more than a decade for its sequel as you've probably just recently discovered the wonderment of the desktop real-time strategy (RTS). That’s right kids! There is more to the world of PC gaming than MMOs and Facebook RPGs.
Puzzle Dimension Review
Puzzle videogames are either fast or slow, and Puzzle Dimension falls squarely in the ‘slow’ category. Instead of dealing with a hailstorm of falling objects like Tetris and its ilk, it presents you with one hundred three-dimensional puzzles filled with switches, traps, fire, ice and more.
Blur Review
Coming straight of the heels of their deal with Microsoft for the Project Gotham series, Bizarre Creations partnered up with Activision and thus Blur was born. I personally haven't been a fan of racing games for a very long while, but have played BC's past efforts as demos just to check out the eye candy � so I do know a bit about playing racing games
Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Review
How often do you come across a game that you would really like if it wasn't plagued with technical issues? This is exactly one of those times when a good game goes bad due to the code that it runs off of.
Shatter Review
Shatter is a retro game in vein of Breakout. But does it contend to become the Breakout of the next generation? Full review inside.
Sam And Max The Devil's Playhouse Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak Review
I really think I am loving this monthly episode format. Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse episode 2 continues right of the tails of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse: the Penal Zone. And boy does the fun continue too.
Booster Trooper Review
DNS Development gives us a game that is sort of like Super Smash Brothers, only with way, way more violence. Rocket, electrocute, and shoot your way through this 2D multiplayer, platform, shooter.
Legend of Vraz Review
Legend of Vraz is a game from Indian develop, Zatun Games. Winner of the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai, Legend of Vraz does bring back memories of games from back in the day.
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Review
What happens when you take a nearly 10 year old game, and put its innards into a modern engine? And then what happens when you pour your heart and soul into making that game as modern as can be? Serious Awesomeness, that’s what.
Plain Sight Review
No this review is not about a show that comes on TNT. It is about deadly ninja robots. But does a game about deadly ninja robots actually equal to fun? Check out the complete review inside to see what Beatnik Games has in store for you, in Plain Sight.
Torchlight Review
What happens when World of Warcraft and Diablo II have an offline love child? The answer is Torchlight. Does that make for a good game? Find out inside.
The Scourge Project Episodes 1 and 2 Review
What happens when you mix Gears of War up into a 4 player co-op game, add a few RPG elements, and release in episodes? The answer? Pure gold.