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by OG | April 23, 2012
Chris, Eduardo and O.G. discuss their time at Mizumi Con and Chimaera Con, O.G. finally breaks down everything Mass Effect 3, and we have another feminist hipster douchebag for asshole of the week. [read more]

by OG | March 31, 2012
Chris, Eduardo and O.G. are back for more gaming talk, and some gaming yelling. [read more]

by OG | March 23, 2012
Fighting game veteran and owners of Austin's Arcade UFO, Ryan "Fubarduck" Harvey, spends some time to talk about how his arcade is doing, his role in working with Japanese players, and his new gig as a MLG commentator. [read more]

by OG | March 10, 2012
It's been two years since the voice of FemShep, Jennifer Hale, has been on the podcast. We talk about her roles in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and of course, Mass Effect 3. [read more]

by OG | February 18, 2012
After a month off, Chirs, Eduardo and O.G. spend some time talking about some gaming, some awards, and some assholes. [read more]

by OG | January 22, 2012
After two years of policing the internet for bad video game journalism, Ben Paddon has decided to give it up. Ben explains what influenced his decision, what he thinks of the major changes happening in video game journalism right now, and his future projects like Portscenter. [read more]

by OG | January 14, 2012
Chris, Eduardo and O.G. start off a new year talking about Bronies, their games of the year, and introducing the first asshole of the year. [read more]

by OG | December 11, 2011
Chris, Eduardo, and O.G. do some commentary of the Spike VGAs. [read more]

by OG | December 07, 2011
It's been a busy 2011 for James Chen. James and I talk about his busy year, about the state of fighting game commentary, and the current debate between the fighting game community and eSports. [read more]

by OG | December 02, 2011
O.G. and Eduardo return with another podcast talking about Black Friday, a little rumor, Saint's Row: The Third, and we induct another asshole. [read more]

by OG | November 06, 2011
Finally some info about GTA V is out and Chris, Eduardo, and O.G. talk about it. GamersGettingPlayed aka LaronVonBaron has finally quit his bullshitting. IGN finally gets added to the asshole list. [read more]

by OG | October 27, 2011
O.G and Eduardo have returned for another podcast. O.G. talks about his time in Austin for the GDC Online. The guys go over how the Extra Life marathon went. A special asshole gets spotlighted one last time. Plus more talk about women in gaming, and how some men are obsessed with trying to say everything is sexist. [read more]

by OG | October 13, 2011
Zaid Tabani aka the Red Rapper is your modern day Renaissance man. He's a champion rapper, a documentary filmmaker, and he can throwdown in fighting games. Red Rapper talks about his time doing rap battles, his documentary about the fighting game scene, and his thoughts about fighting games. [read more]

by OG | October 06, 2011
O.G. and Eduardo do Mortal Kombat movie talk, how Gears of War 3 is, and why Kotaku are assholes. [read more]

by OG | September 12, 2011
Chris, Eduardo and O.G. give their respect the father of video game journalism, Bill Kunkel. We then go after the morons that are screwing it up these days. [read more]

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