Sony Suffers Embarrassing Moment With Playstation Move Demo attended the Sony Move Demo Event at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA on March 25th, 2010 from 5pm to 8pm. Arriving at 1:45, there were 20 people in line ahead. 150 people would be allowed in, so glad I arrived early.

Sony opened the event at 4:45 or so and the crowd filed in. There were 5 demo units, ranging from a gladiator fighting game, drawing of simple shapes, and a game that can only be described as a girl racing down hills on a deskchair. At least the physics were 'moving'.

The funniest thing is that the demo unit failed. The staff attempted to recalibrate the unit by exiting and reentering the game. Then when all hope was lost (amid much grinning) changed the batteries, and there was much rejoicing! All in all Sony's Move looks like it has potential. Let's just hope it doesn't go the same route as the Wii.

-Ugly Bob and Mikallen

Here's the video:

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Mikallen on 03/27/10 10:57:37
Hey there gamers. Article editor/writer Mikallen here. I'm sorry that those of you who read this article took it more seriously than we intended. It was supposed to be satirical, but I guess my comedic writing needs work, haha. Just a little gamer humor guys, no need to get so hostile. We know accidents happen. Besides, it would be extremely amateur of us to completely write off a demo because of a simple mechanical issue. We truly think that the Move has potential, but found the little mess-up just too funny not to post.
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John Doe on 03/27/10 04:01:49
Another retarded title trying to get hits. Pathetic !!! Where is the block-site button? Oh there it is...
id: 343
John on 03/26/10 17:35:39
HAHA Sony is Epic fail they ran out of batteries you can tell the Move won't move a single unit(get it?) Sony fails (sarcasm)
id: 338
un-original gamer on 03/26/10 14:30:11
misleading title to generate google ad revenue. never heard of this web site before. and will never visit again.
id: 337
Furio on 03/26/10 14:10:47
Troll Troll Troll
id: 336
Mike on 03/26/10 13:37:22
You made a thread with such a misleading title and 80% of the article is misleading too, dead! Why even bother with the article. Oh'll get hits.
id: 335
Andrew on 03/26/10 11:42:49
So, it just ran out of batteries? How is this embarrassing?
id: 333
Jesus on 03/26/10 10:44:22
The guy who wrote the article was obviously hoping for a bunch of fantards saying, "OMFG $ONY FAILz again!!!11 X360 FOREVA!!!!!!111".
id: 331
I love this site. :)
id: 316
lolz on 03/26/10 07:17:38
omg.. ultimate news.. batteries do die
id: 313
Eddie on 03/26/10 06:34:34
I was there and there wasn't any notable kinks other then a dead battery. Wasn't a big deal at all. It moved and worked like a dream.
id: 312
horizo on 03/26/10 05:15:16
There should be a REPORT button next to the article...
id: 311
-___- on 03/26/10 04:09:29
And James, such the hell up. Maybe if this dumbass article didn't have such a flamebait title, people wouldn't have been annoyed.
id: 310
-___- on 03/26/10 04:08:10
id: 309
PS360WII owner on 03/26/10 01:31:43
Wow! PsMove is a true 1:1 ratio! More like no ratio.
id: 308
Cmon! on 03/26/10 00:06:11
More fanboy bait, why do people post this crap.
id: 307
james on 03/25/10 23:34:51
wireless electronic device requires periodic battery replacement. news at 11.
id: 306
Kevin on 03/25/10 23:23:55
I was at the conference and the Move ran like a gem. The only reason this article is titles as such is to attract hits for this website. Sensationalist "journalism" at it's finest.
id: 305
D.Vader on 03/25/10 22:55:57
Who cares? :) hahaha Seriously it's a demo and not retail products. They still working the kinks out. Didn't you guys see the crap that MS tried to pass off as a demo for Natal?
id: 304
device expert on 03/25/10 22:24:01
yeah of course it's not going to work if the battery was dead, but wiimotes have the same problem, difference being, you only need to re-charge the ps move with the wii you need to buy new battery's lool fanboys!!!
id: 303
vince on 03/25/10 22:01:15
uhm yea the light is off.. some idiot prob dropped the unit and broke it..
id: 302
James on 03/25/10 21:46:41
@ Link01 - I think its funny... if you bothered to read the whole article instead of trolling like a douche you would see that they said that...
id: 301
Link01 on 03/25/10 21:43:04
seriously....... IT'S DEAD BATTERIES! The light isn't even on, I can't believe you idiots posted this.