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by MikeV | April 26, 2012
With a keyboard that is (supposedly) made of the holiest of holy artifacts, is the Tesoro Durandal Ultimate G1NL Gaming Keyboard the holy grail of gaming keyboards? Or is it just a heresy against PC gaming? [read more]

by OG | March 28, 2012
ROCCAT is a German accessory manufacturer that's looking to bring their high-ending gaming equipment over to the U.S. and takeover. The ROCCAT Isku Gaming Keyboard is looking to do more than just impress you with lighted keys. [read more]

by OG | March 27, 2012
Other companies have tried to compete with Mad Catz, in the realm of fight sticks. One of these challengers, Eightarc, is going directly after Mad Catz by offering a feature that Mad Catz is unable to offer: dual-modding. [read more]

by OG | March 27, 2012
Mechanical keyboard are becoming more preferred for hardcore PC gamers. Tesoro has released a mechanical keyboard so hardcore that they named it after the sword of Charlemagne. [read more]

by OG | January 22, 2012
The Eightarc Fusions Fight Stick is part of Eightarc's dual-modded line of sticks using Sanwa parts. This particular stick is called the Ivory. [read more]

by OG | January 17, 2012
Think you can dominate console players with a keyboard and mouse? Penguin United's Eagle Eye Converter for the Xbox 360 allows you to find out, giving you the upper hand on controller users. [read more]

by OG | December 28, 2011
Like its competitor AverMedia, Hauppauge is tweaking one of their most popular capture devices to make it ideal for gamers that want to record and stream their games.  With the 1445 HD PVR Gaming Edition PVR, Hauppauge is looking to be the premiere device for the gamer that wants to show the world the games they play. [read more]

by OG | December 28, 2011
If you’re an Xbox 360 owner that wants an upgrade from the $5 headphones that came with your system or your Xbox Live subscription, then you have a couple choices out there.  Unfortunately, those choices would eliminate the truly wireless freedom you have with the cheapy headset because most 360 headsets require some sort of power supply via the USB plug on the 360.  In comes the Plantronics x95 wireless headset that provides a quality wireless headset. [read more]

by OG | December 24, 2011
Hauppauge's HD PVR was widely used by gamers to record game footage because it was fairly easy to use and recorded in high definition. Unfortunately, it wasn't designed for recording gaming which caused it to have a few noticeable flaws. To rectify this, Hauppauge released a "Gaming Edition" of their PVR tweaked for gaming. [read more]

by OG | December 18, 2011
Want to record your gaming but don't want to deal with that stupid computer of yours? The AverMedia Game Capture HD lets you do all the recording you need without even turning on your computer.

[read more]

by OG | December 16, 2011
Thermaltake is known for making computer components, but with their Tt eSports line, they're now providing great gaming accessories. The Thermaltake Tt eSports Mini Azurues Gaming Mouse is the smaller of their pro gaming mice line.

[read more]

by OG | December 16, 2011
Want a wireless headset for your Xbox 360 that also transmits game audio? �The Plantronics GameCom x95 could be perfect for you.

[read more]

by OG | December 10, 2011
Trying to start the process of being a YouTube sensation used to require you to purchase equipment for your PC to do the recording.� With the AverMedia Game Capture HD, you can now do all the recording without the use of a PC. [read more]

by OG | December 02, 2011
Hauppauge has taken their successful HD PVR, and tweaked it for gamers.

[read more]

by OG | December 01, 2011
In a time when streaming and �Let’s Play� video have grown in popularity, more PC device makers are working on new devices made specifically for the console gamer.� Instead of using products designed for recording TV shows, these devices are designed to record directly from the consoles onto the PC while using as little resources as possible.� Roxio is the first to make this their focus with the Roxio Game Capture.

[read more]

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