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From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
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Plants Vs. Zombies Review
Posted on June 17, 2009 by OG

There are zombies on your lawn and you don't know what to do. All you have are some seeds, a big yard and the neighborhood psycho Crazy Dave. Welcome to the world of Plants Vs Zombies, a new twist on more traditional tower defense games. With limited selection and lots of options this recipe for fun provides many hours of game play. This latest game from Popcap games, has you planting all sorts of offensive and defensive plants to stop wave after wave of zombies from reaching your house and making a meal out of your brains. This game does an awesome job of mixing a fun atmosphere with progressive difficulty in content.

When you start up the game, the art style that was taken for this project is immediately acknowledged from even the title screen. The cartoony graphics and cutesier theme present a welcoming invitation to the game. From the options menu, a unique way of choosing your start is made with a rather large grave stone serving as your selection screen. After you choose which mode of play you want to partake in you are giving an overview of the types of zombies you will be facing this level and what flowers you have available for selection. Each flower or plant has its own look even on the yard. The zombies that come at you pretty much look very similar depending on the type of zombie it is. Although I do have to say that some of them will make you laugh the first time you see them. Like most tower defense games your background will not change very much during play. The animations of all the different characters can have a resemblance to the stiff mechanical movements from such game as Paper Mario.

When playing any type of casual game I don't expect there to be a full blown symphony playing some exuberant score or some rock band blasting their latest track. The presence of some music is a nice touch to add to the feel of the game. The music resembles the old neighborhood themes you would here in such themes as Leave It to Beaver or The Brady Bunch. There really is not any voice acting so to say, besides the rambling of Crazy Dave grabbling, or the zombies shuffling down the lanes and announcing their presence. Now with any tower defense game the same sound effects will be used excessively especially since your lawn will have numerous things going on, so it can be overwhelming on the eardrums at times.

When any game that can be simply understood and be addicting to even a non-gamer, I find a huge success. It does a smash up job of slowly introducing new plants and not overwhelming you with tons of buttons and choices right away. Planting is extremely easy to do using a simple point and click system. The levels themselves offer a great variety of challenges and game play. As you progress through levels you are introduced to different mini-games, which you can unlock during game play. The mini-games themselves offer a break during from the regular game to earn some cash, which you can use to purchase upgrades for your plants, slots, or defensive items to help during levels. Each game is different and interesting with its own set of challenges. Once you unlock survival mode though is when I think this game really shines. It takes everything you learned during regular play and amps up the challenge to fight your way through huge waves of zombies that come at you.

All in all this game provides countless hours of fun and ample replay ability. The look and feel offer a great way to introduce new gamers to a fun and casual look into gaming and something for even the more hardcore player. So grab your shovel and bag of seeds, Crazy Dave is waiting for you to do some Wall-Nut bowling. So get out there and show those zombies who's the boss!

- Arcgore

OG - Editor-in-Chief / Original Gamer og (@) | all author's articles

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Absolutely. It gives power to the gamers by letting them pay for the games they want to see.
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