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Nintendo tweets New Super Mario Bros. 2 and 20th anniversary Kirby collection
Nintendo tweeted news about 2 new games today, instead of that whole traditional press release route.  The first is a 20th anniversary Kirby collection for the Wii featuring the best Kirby games.  Guess that means Kirby:... [read more]
New heroes will rise in Torchlight II trailer
Often touted as the best Diablo clone in years, Torchlight has sold extremely well among the PC and 360 platforms. It sold so well in fact that a sequel is in development, Torchlight II. Runic Games has released a new trailer to the game called "New Heroes will Arise." ... [read more]
Sly Cooper goes back in time in new Thieves of Time trailer
Sly Cooper and his gang are back for more thieving action in the latest game Thieves in Time. In the newest trailer we see Sly has picked up a few new moves such as donning a disguise, pick pocketing enemies, and of course channeling the spirits of his ancestors to become th... [read more]

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From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
Gamestop settled on a lawsuit regarding the sale of used games that are missing DLC. Is this lawsuit a win for gamers or will this cause more problems for gamers? ... [read more]
5 Great Video Game Parodies
The best distractions come in the form of short, and hilarious parodies. There are hundreds of humorous video game parodies online. Let me guide you in your distraction with this list of 5 fantastic video game parodies. ... [read more]
SXSW 2012: Indie Game: The Movie Review
It's funny how a movie like Indie Game: The Movie fits so perfectly with a venue like SXSW, where indie game companies show off their games in SXSW Screenburn and indie filmmakers show off their latest movies in SXSW Film. ... [read more]

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MLB 12 The Show Review
The boys of summer are at it again as another season of baseball is in full swing. With a new season, of course a new baseball game is going to show up. Up to bat is MLB 12 The Show. Does this veteran has what it takes to make it to the World Series, or will it be the day th... [read more]
Colors! 3D Review
Drawing artists into the third dimension.... [read more]
Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review
Anomaly: Warzone Earth takes the concept of tower defense and flips it upside down, putting the player in charge of the offensive force. Does it have what it takes to carve out a niche in this saturated genre?... [read more]

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The RPG Fanatic: Seiken Densetsu 3 Retrospect and Review + Operation Manafall
You might know this game as Secret of Mana 2, but this video is titled by the only name it was officially released as. This was a Japan exclusive game in the Mana series that many people aren't aware existed, but let's change that starting right now!... [read more]
From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
Gamestop settled on a lawsuit regarding the sale of used games that are missing DLC. Is this lawsuit a win for gamers or will this cause more problems for gamers? ... [read more]
SXSW 2012: Indie Game: The Movie impressions
At SXSW 2012, Indie Game: The Movie was screened as part of SXSW Film. The RPG Fanatic was able to catch one of the screenings, and has some thoughts on the movie. ... [read more]
Star Trek boldly goes where others have gone before…into a new game
Posted on April 17, 2012 by MikeV

Star Trek has had some varying success when venturing into the realm of video games. They also had varying success as movies as well, especially with the new J.J. Abrams reboot of the series. Combine the two, and some would think that it would be destined to fail, since most gamers agree that video games based on movie suck. Namco Bandai and Digital Extremes are hoping to change that perception with their upcoming game, Star Trek.

In Star Trek, the game takes place between the first 2009 movie and the upcoming sequel coming next May 2013 and will be a cooperative third person shooter. Players will be able to take control of either Captain Kirk or Spock, each with their own weapon sets, skills and their own paths in the main story. 


As for play styles, both play very different from each other. Kirk uses a more direct and offensive approach to combat, allowing him to take the initiative in intense firefights. While Spock (being the intellectual Vulcan his race is known for) will use a vast array of strategic maneuvers to out flank the enemy. The two can be upgraded, giving players a wide range of choices on what strategy to take.

It seems that the game will not just be all action as the signature device of the series, the Tricorder, will play an important part in the game, detecting life signsphaser fire and much more.

Star Trek is still in development but will see a release sometime in May, in parallel to the release of the movie. Here hoping that this game doesn’t fall into the path of other bad video games based on movies.

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Gamestop got exactly what it deserved. They've been screwing over gamers for too long.
The lawsuit was stupid. Consumers should have known better, and now, Gamestop will start reducing prices of trade-ins.
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