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Dustforce Review
Posted on April 09, 2012 by Chris

In the PC title Dustforce by Hitbox Team it's up to you to clean up the world...make that four worlds. Specifically, a Forest, Mansion, City and Laboratory. The dirt and flith is so bad that it's starting to put up a fight and it's up to you to fight back as one of four super-parkor hopping janitors. You use various skills including leaps, air jumps, dashes, and combo attacks to clean as much of the world as you can with as much finesse as possible.

The gameplay is similar to that you would get from Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with Mega Man. It basically boils down to a race to get the best time and complete the level at 100%. You have to clean the level of debris and even take on dust induced enemies. Challenges range from easy clean sweeps to “Mega Man difficult.”  For example, there may be a platform and the only way to reach it is by defeating floating enemies when they are in just the right alignment.  You start in the forest but you can find your way to the other level types easily. Once you perform well enough in each level, you qualify for a key. With these keys you can unlock more advanced levels. You start the tutorial with one character but when you pick a level you can choose one of 4 characters to play. They all play the same so it's just a matter of personal preference. 


Squeaky Clean Graphics - The graphics look crisp and clean with a unique art style that moves smoothly no matter what your PC's capabilities or the games settings are. I tried it on the highest settings and could barely tell the difference because the game moves so smoothly. The art style is simple and works well for all the action involved. When some enemies are defeated they burst into cute woodland animals or even housemaids depending on which world you are in.

Stays Fresh For Hours - I found myself pushing myself to complete the levels as fast and as complete as I could. In addition to the unique visual style, the music is rather trippy and although you'll be listening to it over and over as you race through a stage, it's catchy and doesn't distract or get old. There is a good mix of collecting and fighting here. 


Losing Control - Playing this game on the keyboard does tend to feel awkward at times. There will be a more than a few times where a level of finesse is required have you have to perform a dash-jump-wall-climb move just perfectly, but can’t due to not having a dash or a jump register just right. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get this just right.

Dustforce was a fun and exciting game to play. The multiplayer is set up to play with others on the same keyboard/PC and not over a network which was odd.  The level editor was not available at the time of this writing.  Dustforce will keep you busy for hours and will still feel like a fresh play each time with its unique visual style and challenging gameplay. If you are one of these players that pushes yourself to get the best score or lowest time possible for each level of a game, then Dustforce should prove entertaining.

*This review was based on the PC version of the game with a review code provided by the publisher.*

Chris - Staff Writer chris (@) | all author's articles

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