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Street Fighter X Tekken Review
Posted on March 22, 2012 by

There have been a lot of dream crossovers in the fighting game genre. From Capcom vs SNK, to Mortal Kombat vs DC. The former went on to enjoy a period of success, while the latter turned out to be a dud. The latest Street Fighter IV game has undergone a couple of revisions, not all of which have been warmly received by the fighting game community. It was clear at that point that despite the new wave of fighting games coming that Capcom needed a new answer to remain on top.

Fast-forward to today, and we are met with a new crossover series. Combining the realms of 2D and 3D, Capcom and Namco have teamed up to bring us Street Fighter x Tekken. Why is this so important? Capcom is attempting to bring both sides of the fighting game community together, which in itself is an extremely daunting task. This edition brings the Tekken characters to 2D, or 2.5D to be technical, and the results are interesting, to say the least.


Entry Level Combos - Combos are a staple of fighting games, and SfxT delivers. A main component of the gameplay are chain combos, which don't require timing and an individual can mash out combos. Light medium heavy into launcher is extremely simple although obviously not the most ideal combo. The way Capcom levels this out is by making this string unsafe in most cases if they go past the medium and its blocked. Simplifying it even further, supers/cross arts can be done with a basic quarter circle forward motion. If thats still too hard for you, you can press light kick and hard punch, or light punch and hard kick at the same time and the game will do a "quick combo" for you at the cost of one bar. So if you are the type of gamer who is discouraged by difficult combos, you will enjoy the simplicity of combos here.

Best of Both Worlds  - Street Fighter players will feel right at home if they've played the various editions of Street Fighter IV. Tekken players, on the other hand, will have some adjusting to do. While the cast retain most of their signature moves that they are known and loved for, some of the notations to perform the move are understandably different. As a simple example, in Tekken one of Xiaoyu's signature moves was X Marks the Spot, performed by doing ff 1+2 1+2. In SfxT this move is now performed by doing qcb+p. This is only to be expected, however this will still take some adjusting and some Tekken players might be discouraged from how different the notations are.

With Our Powers Combined... - A neat feature in SfxT is the ability to play four players. Scramble mode is basically a Smash Brothers mode that can be a little hard to follow at times. Having 2 vs 2 tag mode however is extremely fun and if you can get 3 others to join in, should prove to be very entertaining. Co-ordinating on combos and getting a good team chemistry going is all the more rewarding. 


A Rush Job? - There are a lot of things about the game that indicate to me that maybe Capcom didn't take the time it should have when releasing SfxT. The game isn't very old and already there are a plethora of glitches and infinites being discovered. This is understandable in a Marvel vs Capcom system in which everything is moving at a fast rate and the combo system is extremely lengthy. But when pressing a single button repeatedly, involving no joystick input, results in an infinite from Kuro then you know that the ball was dropped somewhere down the line. 

A Cash Grab? - In addition to this, Capcom has had a bit of a PR nightmare when it comes to SfxT. It was initially claimed that couch co-op online on 360 was not available because of Microsoft, a stance which has been thoroughly discredited and is rumored to being worked on. The big head scratcher is Capcoms “downloadable content,” if you want to even call it that. The characters that are being added are actually all on the disk, and completely playable if you're savvy in that regard. Capcoms excuse of compatability issues isn't justified and only punishes players who paid for their own copy and don't have access to that material without acting on it. 

Visually Lackadaisical - This one could potentially be a matter of preference, but in my opinion SfxT doesn't really feel like an upgrade from SFIV visually. Maybe its expecting a bit much to see an upgrade but I don't think its being unreasonable to hope that a new game will provide a graphical enhancement. In addition to this, the game feels jerky to me and not at all fluid. 

Dat Lag - All the expectations coming into SfxT is that the game would have good netcode. Street Fighter IV's netcode was above average so it was only logical that this would transfer over to SfXT. Sadly, this doesn't prove to be the case. The lag can be quite bad at times, and along with this there are issues where the sound will drop out.  Online warriors might want to wait for a patch on the netcode to get decent quality matches online. 



With a memorable cast and a simple combo system, Street Fighter x Tekken is an easy game to pick up and play. This is a game that everyone should at least try and see if its to their liking.  Given the issues it currently has, I don't see it being anything more than a casual party game.  The game doesn't feel fleshed out enough in terms of character depth to warrant serious play.  The Tekken characters have great special moves but a majority seem to lack a viable anti-air move. Its possible this can change given Capcoms affinity to issuing out revisions, but as it stands it seems that the real joy of this comes in its ability to play with 4 players. For tournament players, I believe the first two months will be the most telling in how deep the system can be.

- Nem - og (@) | all author's articles

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