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Indie strategy-RPG joy in new Rainbow Moon trailer
This season a lot of big name games have been coming out, taking the spotlight away from smaller titles. One of those games is Rainbow Moon from developer SideQuest Studios is one of those games and they have released a trailer for it.... [read more]

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The RPG Fanatic: dnd (PLATO) Creators Gary Whisenhunt & Ray Wood Interview
In the mid 1970s Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood created one of the earliest computer roleplaying videogames, dnd, which also happened to be one of the first "fan games". Although little known today, their work pre-dates much better known series like Ultima, Wizardry and Dragon... [read more]
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From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
Gamestop settled on a lawsuit regarding the sale of used games that are missing DLC. Is this lawsuit a win for gamers or will this cause more problems for gamers? ... [read more]
Capcom talks about costumes, patches, DLC and characters for Street Fighter X Tekken
Posted on March 16, 2012 by OG

Capcom's Online/Community Manager, Brett Elston, added a new update to the Capcom Unity blog detailing a lot of updates for Street Fighter X Tekken.  He stated that there will be a mix of free and paid DLC coming for the game, but there's no doubt that these updates will cause some extra outrage from the already pissed off fanbase.

First up was the Swap Costumes DLC.  This DLC lets players switch outfits between certain Tekken and Street Fighter character such as letting Raven dress up as Guy.  The single packs start off at $1(80 MS Points) each  or you can buy a whole assortment of Tekken and Street Fighter outfits for $13.00(1040 MS Points) each.   Great for those that love dressing up your character, an annoyance for everyone else that couldn't give a care.  Look for those packs on April 3rd.

Some free updates will follow including a tournament update for those running tourneys and want a set tournament setup for the game along with an "improvement" for the online sound issues that the Xbox 360 has been having.   Mind you, that's "improvement" and not a "fix" so who knows how well it'll work.  Other improvements regarding various issues in play and the newly discovered infinites in the game are also in the works.

After that, a new set of gems packs will be released for free.  Right now the amount of gems is more than 60, and there will be added gem slots as well to make use of the large influx of gems.

Finally, the big announcement regarding characters.   After the launch of the Vita version of the game, the additional 12 characters, that are on-disc, will be released for $20 (1600 MS Points).   Those characters are Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei.  Sadly Capcom, this would have done wonders for the game if you didn't make the dumb decision of putting the character on-disc.  That's less than $2 a character which many fans of the game wouldn't have mind buying while others could have ignored, but you just had to overlook the big picture on this.

Source:  Capcom Unity

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