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Capcom gives half-ass excuse for on-disc DLC for SFXT
Posted on March 05, 2012 by OG


When I brought up how Capcom PR simply is not getting the point of all the anger from gamers over their DLC practices, it seems that they're more than willing to prove my point with the following statement regarding the on-disc DLC characters for Street Fighter X Tekken:

Capcom has confirmed that 12 new fan-favorite characters will be available as Downloadable Content (DLC) on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of Street Fighter X Tekken later this year. The playable characters will make their debut on the PS Vita system when the game is released this fall, with the console and PC versions receiving them as DLC soon after. The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did. More specifics regarding pricing, dates and other additional exciting DLC plans for Street Fighter X Tekken will be shared at a later date. As a reminder, the retail version of the game will be the only disc-based version consumers will need to own and all future upgrades will come from post-launch DLC. The new characters fighting their way onto Street Fighter X Tekken are... from the Street Fighter side... Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy and Sakura will be playable and from Tekken... Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack, Lars Alexandersson and Lei Wulong will all be available.

First off, did Capcom really not think that someone would look into the info of the disc?  Last year there was outrage over Mortal Kombat's Skarlet being available on-disc even though she was a DLC character thanks to some people poking around in the disc.  Wake up Capcom and realize that people will find this stuff out. 

Second, they state that the problem of not having DLC characters on the disc is there will be compatibility issues such as the costume problems of Super Street Fighter IV.  Of course, what is not mentioned, is that this issue was easily taken care of with a piece of free DLC.  While I feel there maybe some technical issues at work here, I'm reminded of how NetherRealm Studios took care of this issue with Mortal Komabt.  They added partial info of the character onto the disc, then when the DLC is available, the full playable character is usable.  This is a tech issue so its hard to come up with the ideal answer.  

Finally, while Capcom's heart is seemingly in the right place, the mind isn't.  Of course the idea of a dozen characters coming down the pipe after a few months makes for the game to be revitalized.  The anger comes with that the characters are on that disc.  Not only that, there are people out there that are looking to unlock these characters via hacking.   So Capcom has gone and simply screwed themselves over by allowing certain people to get the DLC for free along with pissing a ton of gamers off.  If Capcom would just realize why gamers are pissed at them these days, maybe they'll think out their next move better.  Of course, I say that now when their next big game, Resident Evil:  Operation Raccoon City already had Day 1 DLC.  I swear, the people making decisions at Capcom must have a severe case of Aspergers. 

Source:  Capcom Unity

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