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From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
Gamestop settled on a lawsuit regarding the sale of used games that are missing DLC. Is this lawsuit a win for gamers or will this cause more problems for gamers? ... [read more]
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The 1st Annual OG Awards - Platform Awards and Game of the Year
Posted on January 20, 2012 by OG

It's the final day for the 1st Anuual OG Awards.  Here are our winners for each platform and The Game of the Year.





Portable Game Of The Year

Released at the beginning of 2011, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective mostly flew in under the radar, but those that did play the game will find it hard to forget.  It was a unique take on the puzzle genre where you manipulated objects and time to accomplish goals in order to piece together a mystery.  The puzzle parts alone would have made for a great game, or the mystery, that unraveled at such a great pace, could also have been part of a great game on its own.  The fact that those two elements were put together so well made Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective a truly amazing game.

PC Exclusive Game Of The Year

Ever since the announcement was made that Bioware was going to make a Star Wars MMO, geeks everywhere have been hyped up over it.  Despite being released at the tail end of 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic still outdid every PC game that was released that year.  Players have been playing the game at a ridiculous rate, breaking records left and right.  No MMORPG before has had this much of an impact so quickly since World of Warcraft.  





Wii Exclusive Game Of The Year

Really, do we need an explanation here?  With such a pitifully bad line-up of games this year, Nintendo saved the best for last with Zelda: Skyward Sword.   In addition to being touted as being one of, if not the best Zelda game, Skyward Sword is also more than likely the last great hurrah for the dying Wii. 

PS3 Exclusive Game Of The Year

The first Little Big Planet was simply unprecedented.  LBP was a game whose big selling point was letting players create their own platform game, and it provided a new and refreshing experience for gamers.  Then came Little Big Planet 2, which provided a massive amount of tools allowing players to create a variety of games and short movies, allowing players to release their inner game developer and movie director.  Players let their creativity run wild in LBP 2, making tons of games available to play by anyone.





Xbox 360 Exclusive Game Of The Year

Part of the “Season of 3s”, Gears of War 3 closed out its trilogy with Marcus Fenix and his Cogs fighting once again against hordes of Locusts and now, the Lambent.  In keeping with the series, the levels were filled with massive monsters, tons of action, questions were finally answered and there was a bit of drama to boot.  Fans of the series enjoyed finishing the battle in the single-player, and loved the return of the quality multiplayer experience that helped make the series so popular. 

Game Of The Year




Thanks to all the readers that have kept this site going.  We have more surprises for 2012 so keep coming back.

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