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PS Vita sells 1.2 million units, 600k sold in the West
Sony has released numbers for the PS Vita, and it’s looking pretty good for the new portable. As of February 26th, the worldwide sales were over 1.2 million. Breaking down the numbers, Japan was sitting at around 578,812 on February 19th meaning that around 600,000 has b... [read more]
Nintendo holding Kid Icarus: Uprising tournaments across the U.S.
Kid Icarus: Uprising is coming out March 23rd (Finally!), and to celebrate the release, Nintendo is holding a national tournament for the game. Starting on March 8th in San Francisco, select Gamestops across the country will holding the tournaments and gamers can stop by to... [read more]
Player forfeits Cross Assault reality show due to possible harassment from coach
Capcom’s reality show for the upcoming release of Street Fighter X Tekken, Cross Assault, reached a true level of reality last night when one contestant, Miranda “Super Yan” Pakozdi, decided to forfeit her match due to her issues with Team Tekken coach, Aris Bakhtanian... [read more]

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Gamers, I am disappoint...AGAIN
Once again, gamers disappoint me.... [read more]
Why the industry needs to change the used games market. Not kill it.
The last few weeks have seen rumours that the next generation of Xbox will disable the ability to play second hand games. This started me thinking about the ethics and economics of the used game market and how the industry would change if it disappeared. Every publisher is o... [read more]
Question of the Month: What's Your Most Anticipated Game For 2012?
Our first Question of the Month for 2012 has the staff answering what is their most anticipated game for 2012. ... [read more]

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Doom Review
Since its launch, The Xbox Live Arcade has paid witness to its fair share of older titles being re-released as ports. Doom was first released back in 1993 by id Software, and since then, the title has been released on several different platforms. The game first made a name ... [read more]
Soul Calibur V Review
It would not be a revival of the fight game genre without Soul Calibur, and after a four year break, Namco Bandai’s Project Soul has released a new Soul Calibur game. Soul Calibur V brings the series into the new age with updates that will make the game a worthy entry int... [read more]
Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review
American Nightmare sees Alan Wake fighting against his evil doppelganger, Mr Scratch, in an attempt to free himself from the prison he willingly entered at the end of the previous game. Does Wake deserve your help in his quest to be free?... [read more]

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Let's Play With O.G. - Skyrim Pt. 29-32
The end is almost near.... [read more]
8-Bit Eric: Disney's Aladdin Review
8-Bit Eric takes a look at one of the best Disney games made...EVER. ... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Skyrim Pt. 25-28
It's getting close the end which means time to rush through parts and screw all the sidequests. ... [read more]
A slew of new characters revealed in new Street Fighter X Tekken videos
Posted on January 17, 2012 by OG

Less than two months away from release, Capcom showed off another batch of characters for Street Fighter X Tekken.  Balrog, Vega, Juri, Law, XIaoyu, and my man, Paul Phoenix make their appearance in the latest video from Capcom.  Capcom also released a cinematic trailer featuring M. Bison, making it likely that he will be part of the roster.  



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