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4 reasons why complaining about the Japanese Soul Calibur V ad makes you look like a douche
Posted on January 14, 2012 by OG

Once again the male feminist hipster douchebag peers his head from his Gloria Allred shrine to once again fight for the rights of women everywhere by going after any gaming character with big boobs.  Seriously, this has become so common that I need a name for this series of articles.  Maybe “Hipster Hunter” or “The Grunt Chronicles”.  If you have a good one, let me know in the comments, but now, ON TO THE DOUCHERY!

An ad for Soul Calibur V came out in Japan (fairly important part here) showing nothing but a mass amount of cleavage.  Of course, to a male feminist hipster douchebag, this is equivalent to someone appearing in blackface.  One such male feminist hipster douchebag is Matthew Stewart over at, who went on quite a rant filled with hypocritical statements, double standards, and straw man arguments.  I wish I could say he was the only one that’s brought this up, but since this buxom image has made a controversial appearance, others male feminist hipster douchebags have also taken note about how it’s images like this that keep gaming a “boys only club.”  That’s why I came up with the 4 reasons why complaining about the Japanese Soul Calibur V ad makes you a douche.


4.  Complaining shows ignorance about the series and fighting games.

Since her first appearance in Soul Calibur, Ivy (owner of said boobs in the ad) has had a constant change to her uniform and figure.  Her outfits have gone smaller and smaller while her mammaries proceed to grow.  Is it ridiculous?  Of course it is, but that’s a signature of fighting games, the running gag.  When Mai first appeared in the Fatal Fury series, she was a solid fighter that had slightly revealing clothing, and to this day she continues to have her outfit shrink while other parts of her anatomy grow.  Cammy started off as a slim female in a one piece and now she is a double-D goddess with a booty that would make J’Lo jealous.  These running gags aren’t just for women, but it goes for the guys too.  Voldo’s outfits have showed more and more flesh over the years to the dismay of many players.  Vega, I can safely admit, is a beautiful man who has become more kissable with each version of Street Fighter.  One of the staples of fighting games is to take a character and amplify their unique characteristics.  Dan has become even more of a joke throughout the years, Johnny Cage has gotten so full of himself that he tattooed his own name across his chest, and Jack has become more mechanical-looking with each Tekken game. 


3.  You show how ignorant you are about Japanese culture

I’m not Japanese, but I do realize that their culture is radically different than here in the U.S.   One of the big things about Japan is that sex isn’t a big deal over there.  They have nudity on TV shows, probably the strangest porn you can find on the internet, and let us not forget the vending machines selling schoolgirl panties.  They’re not the puritanical, politically correct stiffs that we are.  Catherine had a huge sexy ad campaign over in Japan and I didn’t see these same complainers crying about sexy ads like the one below:

Catherine Japanese Ad

Also, more importantly, the ad in question is not being used for the U.S., so why is it that the people bitching about this ad the most are in the U.S.?  Do these same people also flip out over other countries that have ads that are just as skin-filled, because they are part of a culture that doesn’t freak out over cleavage?  My guess is no cause they would surely weep for days over the mass amount of boobage you will find in ads all over Europe.


2.  It’s a freakin’ ad

It’s an ad, not gameplay.  I know some people love to focus on ads, but get it through your head; the people that made the game most likely did not come up with the ad.   A marketing/advertising company was probably responsible for this, yet who comes under fire?  The developer, of course.  This scrutinizing over an ad instead of, you know, the actual game that will be played is asinine because once the game comes out, these ads are done with.  Do these uptight male feminist hipster douchebags go up in arms over every single provocative movie poster?  Of course not because if somone  did, everyone would see them as a complete idiot.


1.   Insults gamers intelligence

As we posted last year, the ESA reported that the average age of gamers is 37.  That means a majority of gamers are not children anymore, and many have been playing games for years.  Guess what?  THEY GET IT!  They understand that the ad is for Soul Calibur V, and they understand that Ivy is a voluptuous woman in a skimpy outfit.  Just like this ad won’t make people immediately buy the game because there’s cleavage being shown, that also means that guys who see this ad won't immediately turn sexist over it.  Like I mentioned before in a similar article dealing with male feminist hipster douchebags, playing videogames doesn’t make someone a sexist any more than they make players violent maniacs.  The same thing goes for ads. So give us some goddamn credit already and stop with the bitching.

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