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No more MS Points by the end of the year
I really hate MS Points. I love what they do, but the fact that I have 160 points is a pain since I can only add 400 points at the minimum. The points will be coming to an end this year, as MS will finally going with just the standard dollars and cents structure. This wil... [read more]
Get more than EA games from Origin
When Origin was launched last year, it was supposed to be a Steam alternative. However, with only EA titles available to purchase, it looked more like EA’s middle finger to Valve rather than being a competitive service. Today, EA announced that 11 publishers will be addi... [read more]
Feel the darkness in the Darkness II launch trailer
Jackie returns in the Darkness II, and this time, he’s going to use his powers to kick some ass. Check out the launch trailer for the game, and be on the watch for the game on February 7th. ... [read more]

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PixelJunk Sidescroller Review
PixelJunk Sidescroller is now available via PSN; in the game players attempt to blast their way through waves of enemy craft and copious amounts of deadly weaponry. Does this revival of a beloved old-school genre deserve your attention, or should it be consigned to the pile ... [read more]
Battlefield 3 Review
In a time where Call of Duty seemingly runs the gaming world, the question every year come up of just who is going to take down that juggernaut. Here comes Battlefield 3 hoping to be the title to bring down the Goliath of gaming known as CoD. With a proven track record, DI... [read more]
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review
Bungie have now retired from the Halo series and have handed the baton onto the specially formed 343 Industries (343i). Faced with the challenge of keeping the series living up to the gargantuan expectations of the average rabid Halo fan, 343i made the decision to cut their ... [read more]

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Let's Play With O.G. - Skyrim Pt. 13-16
Time for O.G. to uncover the actualy storyline of this godforsaken game. ... [read more]
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8-Bit Eric looks at one of the original NES launch games, Tennis. ... [read more]
8-Bit Eric: Resident Evil Revelations demo impressions
8-Bit Eric looks at the Resident Evil: Revelation demo, and gives you some of his impressions of it. ... [read more]
Meet some of the fighters of Soul Calibur V
Posted on December 19, 2011 by OG

The latest trailer for Soul Calibur V features some of the roster of the game showing off their best moves.  In particular, there's Yoshimitsu, the cyborg samuria from the Tekken series who has made an appearance in the SC series before.  There's also the new chracter, Xiba, who if you watched the SC5 exhibition during the SoCal Regionals last night would find him to be the MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER in the game.  Why?  Everytime he loses, he gives out a big "SO HUNGRY!!"  I can safely say that anyone using that character on me will get a major beatdown. 


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