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Petition to get Dark Souls on PC is really taking off
A few days ago, Namco Bandai's admin, Shoupinou, commented about the possibility of Dark Souls coming to PC. Gamers have responded with a petition with more than 43,000 signatures, and the number continues to grow.... [read more]
Diablo III coming Feb. 1st?
An image popped up on the internets of a Diablo III stand at Best Buy in Canada. On the stand is the supposed date for Diablo III as being Feb. 1, 2012. This date also shows up at, yet they’re the only retailer showing this date. ... [read more]
Review Scores: A 5 Out of 10?
Is there an easier way to scoring games?... [read more]

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Trine 2 Review
Trine 2 takes place a few years after the events of the first game. The mystical object Trine gathers the three heroes from the last game: Amadeus the wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the thief, and transports them to a strange new land that needs their help. The first ga... [read more]
Parasite Eve 2 Review
Parasite Eve 2 comes from a time when Square Enix was merely Squaresoft, FMVs were the height of graphical sophistication, and a memory card was a necessity, just in case you ever wanted to turn your console off. The original Parasite Eve was a success, both critically and c... [read more]
Crazy Escape Review
Bulkypix seems to be one of the more heavily focused developers on this site, although their previous releases haven’t exactly set the world on fire. Their search for pick-up-and-play gold on the iPhone continues with Crazy Escape, which tasks players with rescuing loo... [read more]

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The RPG Fanatic: BioWare Bans Players of Star Wars: TOR For Being Too Good At The Game
Recently, Bioware started banning players that were accessing high level loot while being at a low level.  The RPG Fanatic shares his thoughts on this practice, and what Bioware should be doing to stop th... [read more]
8-Bit Eric: Discussing The Official Zelda Timeline
With Nintendo officially releasing a timeline for the Zelda series in the Hyrule Historia book, alot of confusion is still abound. In this video, 8-Bit Eric goes into detail about the new timeline to help you out. ... [read more]
Gear Review: Hauppauge 1445 HD-PVR Gaming Edition (Video)
Hauppauge's HD PVR was widely used by gamers to record game footage because it was fairly easy to use and recorded in high definition. Unfortunately, it wasn't designed for recording gaming which caused it to have a few noticeable flaws. To rectify this, Hauppauge released... [read more]
Nintendo to patch Skyward Sword through save file
Posted on December 15, 2011 by MikeV


As most of you who are playing through Skyward Sword might already know, there is a major bug in a section of a dungeon that will not allow the quest to end and stops all progress in the game. Nintendo has acknowledged the problem over in Japan and has set up a webpage detailing how to avoid the bug. But for those who have already gone too far to reverse the effects of the bug, Nintendo has two options. The first one is sending in either the SD card or the whole Wii and the second option is a downloadable patch that they with send out. But option will take time however since the New Year’s holiday season is their busy week. As of right now these two fixes are only pertaining to Japanese Wii users, with no word of when these options will be made available for Western Wii owners.

Source: Destructoid

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Skyward Sword
Modern Warfare 3
Batman: Arkham City
Battlefield 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Uncharted 3
Saints Row: The Third
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Review Scores: A 5 Out of 10?
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