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Stop taking the VGAs seriously cause the producers don't
Posted on December 11, 2011 by OG


The Spike VGAs have come and gone leaving a trail of outraged gamers.  The ones leading the outrage were the pretentious game journalists that insist that video games need more respect.  Surprisingly this came from some of the same journalists that can’t write a news story without trying to add a lame joke to show how witty they are.

So what cause the vast amount of sand to enter these journalists vaginas like a sand storm rushing through the Jersey Shore?  It’s because the VGAs are not taking video games seriously.  Again, coming from a bunch of guys that will go with the “it’s just games guys, don’t be so serious about it,” excuse whenever they get a backlash over their review of a game. 

My problem with these guys, as with anyone that’s pissy over the VGAs, is that these awards are not to be taken seriously.  Back in 2003 when the VGAs started, I knew right away to not take them seriously.  How?  Madden 2003 was a nominee for Game of the Year and actually won it.  Since then, I never took the show seriously and neither should you.  I mean come on people, this is Spike TV.  The same channel that has a show where they tried to scientifically answer the age old question on who would win:  Vampires or Zombies.  The other 2 award shows on spike are the Scream Awards – which I still have no clue on what they award – and the Guys’ Choice Awards that I’m still surprised is on the air with the bevy of feminist groups out there that probably find a male only award show disgusting.  How can you really take this show seriously?  You can’t, and they know it. 

How do they know it?  Because their focus is on the true big draw of the show: the trailers.  No other award show focus on something other than the awards.  The Superbowl is the only show that people will gladly tune into in order to watch commercials than the actual game, but you don’t have the NFL publicize that people need to watch the Superbowl for the commercials and not the football.   Once they had more trailer reveals in the show than they do have actual awards given away, the producers are telling you that they know that’s all they have.

The other complaints are just as silly.  Like the complaint about it not being funny.  How many award shows that don’t’ feature an amazing comic as host are funny?  The Academy Awards thought that they could get literally anyone, put them with some good writers, and create a funny show.  That was until they had James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the show were all joke felt flat.  That’s a show that hires some of the best writers in the country that couldn’t make two charismatic people funny, so expecting two hours of hilarity from the VGAs is a foolish.

What I did find funny with all the journalists going crazy as they did was that they didn’t turn their hate towards two people that did their share of faux pas for the night.  The first being Felicia Day.  Yes I know she has that “nerd cred” being the creator of The Guild and quite the gamer herself.  Yet when you complain about how Charlie Sheen had more time on stage than some of the developers, well how about Felicia Day?  Aside from the host, she was the next person people saw the most throughout the show.  Yet, of course they won’t remark on how she’s getting way more face time than anyone else in the industry.  She’s one of us! 

Then there’s Geoff Keighley, producer of the VGAs.  Time and time again, the show gets trashed by journalists yet no one wants to put any blame on him.  HE’S A PRODUCER OF THE SHOW!  He’s the one promoting it the most and he’s the one that is in the industry.  Yet these guys have been doing nothing but doing some polite feedback on Twitter with the man to only blast his program as if it was a 2 hour show featuring a gangbang of Princess Zelda. 

So with that all sad, what can you, the intelligent gamer reader do about the Spike VGAs?  First off, don’t take them seriously.  I can’t stress that enough.  When you hear VGAs, think VMAs as MTV’s Video Game Music Award.  That whole show is never taken seriously just like the MTV Movie Awards.  Do you think Roger Ebert freaks out when MTV gives every Twilight movie the “Movie of the Year” award?  Of course not, he knows better unlike these game journalists.

More importantly, support the “serious” video game award show, the Academy of Interactive Art & Sciences (AIAS) awards.  That award is truly the Academy Award show for video games, yet watch how these journalists will MAYBE devote a 200 word article for it and hardly tweet about it.  Instead they rather bitch about something that’s not supposed to be taken seriously in order for them to sound more enlightened about video games.

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