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Dance Central 2 Review
Posted on October 25, 2011 by MikeV

Last year when the Kinect was first out, one game stood out from all the rest. That game was the game to get if you owned a Kinect.  That game was Dance Central. It combined some of the most popular dance club music with easy to learn dance moves and a colorful cast of characters. When someone would bring a Kinect for game night, the first question that would be asked was: “Did you bring Dance Central?”

Now back for a second round, Harmonix busts out onto the dance floor with the sequel, Dance Central 2.


Fist Pumping Good Time - Dance Central 2 is more of what you loved about the first game and much more. 5 new characters join the 5 returning dancers. This time, however, they are paired into dance crews of two. Upgraded from the last game is the inclusion of improved dance battle mode. In this new vs mode, players will be dancing together at the same to the song and not just taking turns. If a player score higher than the other at any point the spotlight will shine on him or her and they’ll be able to gain double the points. Added to the vs mode is a free-4-all section. Here four different dance moves will be on screen/ Players must try to do as many as they can to get bonus points. If battling isn’t your thing, there’s a new campaign mode called crew challenge where you face off with the 5 crews in their style of songs. No matter what your taste is, you are guaranteed to have fun no matter what mode you pick. 

Voice Command Integration - While the menu interface is just as smooth as the previous game, Dance Central 2 adds in voice commands. So instead of fiddling with the interface, follow the voice command instructions and your set for saving your arms for flashy dance moves. It took a bit of calibration to get the voice commands working, but that was a fault on my part since I don’t use the voice functions of the Kinect. 

DJ, Play That Track - Dance Central is stuffed with 44 of the best dance club songs spanning from the 1970’s to today. Its great to see such a wide variety of songs on one disk. If that wasn’t enough to fill you up, all previous Dance Central DLC will automatically sync up and appear on the Dance Central 2 song list. Now if having the DLC was still not enough to satisfy those loose feet; how about having the Dance Central 1 songs on Dance Central 2. Taking a cue from Rock Band, Harmonix will let players import all of the Dance Central 1 songs into Dance Central 2. With all that considered, DC2 will have over 100+ songs to dance to, not to mention all the DLC coming on the release of the game.

Take It to the Dance Floor - What was great about the first DC was that the moves in the game could be taken and used on the club dance floor. In DC2, the dance moves have been expanded, adding in some new steps that are sure to have real-life crowds cheering, too. Like the last game, the choreography is done by professional dancers that have backgrounds in street and club dances. The moves look complicated, but Harmonix took care to make sure that although they may look hard, after some practice you’ll be able to pull them off like a pro. Speaking of practice...

Practice Makes Perfect - DC2 makes major improvements with break it down mode.  The new break it down mode now features a customizable feature where you can pick and choose individual sections of the song and practice those moves as much as you want till you have them locked down. Still getting them wrong and don’t know why? DC2 also lets you take a quick video of yourself and it plays it back along with the avatar and will show you what you are doing wrong. Its like following a dance instructor in front of a mirror. 


No Tag Battle - My one and only complaint with Dance Central 2 there isn’t any crew tag battle. Take a look at movies like You Just Got Served, Step Up or any other movies with dance crews.  The dance usually will start off with the leaders of the crew facing off first, then the backup dancers step up to battle, then switches back to a solo dancer. This would have made for a bigger and better dance crew experience. I predict that this will be included in the next Dance Central. 


Dance Central 2 is a perfect example of a Kinect game that keeps what made the first popular and improves on it. Normally I try to stay away from such physical games like Dance Central 2. But the combination of the catchy music, the easy to learn dance moves and the fun dance battle mode makes it hard to resist. In the next Dance Central I’d like to see tag battles that involved four players on each team, just like a real dance crew. If you’re looking for a great game to play on the Kinect this holiday season, Dance Central 2 is a must buy. 


MikeV - Staff Writer mikev (@) | all author's articles

Which company was the worst offender this week?

The bastards at Capcom with their DLC on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc and audio cutting out on Xbox Live!
Those punks at Bioware for lying about Mass Effect 3 DLC being developed after the development of the game and using stock images for Tali!
EA....just because!
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