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Capcom gives half-ass excuse for on-disc DLC for SFXT
When I brought up how Capcom PR simply is not getting the point of all the anger from gamers over their DLC practices, it seems that they're more than willing to prove my point with the following statement regarding the on-disc DLC characters for Street Fighter X Tekken.... [read more]
First look at the making of Halo 4
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Capcom continues DLC shenanigans with Day 1 DLC for Operation Raccoon City
You would think that someone at Capcom's PR would understand that actions like this piss-off gamers. Today, Capcom announced that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will have a mode available for download. Nemesis Mode features our favorite S.T.A.R.S. killer with playe... [read more]

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4 visual novels for the curious
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Gamers, I am disappoint...AGAIN
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Kenji Inafune reveals new pirate penguin game...wait, what?
Posted on October 05, 2011 by MikeV

It will be one year this month since the father of Mega Man, Kenji Inafune, left Capcom to create two new independent studios Intercept and Comcept. Since then he has been quite about his studios' projects, one which is rumored to be a love/dating type sim. He has made a few appearances though in other games such as Compile Hearts' Mk.2 as a sword and special attack where he peaks though the clouds and fires laser from his eyes, and as an uncle to a heroine in a otome game.

Now he has announced his first console game to come out of his new studios. The new action RPG game is for the 3DS is called King of Pirates and stars....a penguin and is loosely based off Romance of the Three Kingdoms (the novel, not the games)? In a newly opened website for King of Pirates, Inafune addresses fans and give a bit of back story to the game:

Which is followed by the teaser trailer, in Japanese of course:


Honestly this really shouldn't surprise anyone, after all he is making a love/dating sim and was a special move shooting lasers out of his eyes. What is surprising is that the game is coming out some time this month. How could a high profile designer such as himself keep his first official game a secret and having a release date this soon? Maybe this was the game he was talking about in his booth during TGS last month. From what the teaser trailer has shown, we can expect high seas adventures with historical characters from Chinese literature as cute fuzzy animals. There's no word on a release date here in the states, even so localization companies would be crazy to not bring this over. We'll just have to wait and see who picks this game up for localization 

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