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Konami announces line up for TGS 2011
Posted on August 25, 2011 by MikeV

While others are getting excited for PAX Prime this weekend, I personally am excited for TGS 2011. Today Konami announced the lineup of games that they will be showing off at this year’s show. Now a majority of these titles are, for the most part, Japan only titles, but this gives gamers in the West a chance to see what we’re either missing or in store for. As for the games themselves, here’s a list of the more notable game that will be playable, with a brief description of what system it will be on and if there’s a trailer for it:

•Frontier Gate (PSP, Playable)- From the team that developed the Star Ocean games and Valkyrie Profile games, Frontier Gate is tri-Ace’s first game to be developed on the PSP, which is weird since the PS Vita is close to release in Japan. The story so far is that you and your partner travel to a new land and are pioneers. The game will support up to three players on ad-hoc, six since everyone has their own partner. At first glance, most will think that this is yet another Monster Hunter style game, and it is but with a twist. Frontier Gate uses a turn based battle system, again an odd thing since tri-Ace is known for their action based battle systems. Either way, so far the game looks good even if it’s coming out at the tail end of the PSP lifespan. A demo will be avalible for download on the 15th of September, which is the first day of TGS.

•Terror of the Stratus (PSP, Playable)- From Nude Games comes Terror of the Stratus. If I hand to describe the way the game looks, I’d have to say it looks like a mix between Gundam and Evangelion. From what has been revealed in Famitsu, creatures from the moon are attacking the Earth and it’s up to you, Seishiro, as part of the Imperial Special Six Squad to drive them back. Gameplay is to be in two parts: Defense mode, which is a 3D action game and Extermination which is dealing with what seems to be the area boss. The game is slate for a 2011 release.

•Beyond the Labyrinth (3DS, Playable)-Another tri-Ace developed game, this time for the 3DS. Not much info is given for this RPG, but from the trailer (which is in Japanese) and the screen shots, the game reminds me a bit of ICO, which isn’t bad. The game’s release date is TBD.

•NeverDead (PS3/360, Playable)- First shown at this past E3, Never Dead if I remember right, is about a curse knight doomed to live out his life not being able to die. Fast forward to the present/future, the demon that cursed him returns and he vows revenge. The game’s hook is that he can’t “die”, meaning that he can be decapitated, limbs ripped from his body and he won’t “die”. I almost forgot about this title. Maybe it had to do with the poor controls that were on the E3 demo? Hopefully the guys at Rebellion, (developers of the 2010 AvP game) made improvements when the game comes out.

•New Love PLus (3DS, Playable) - Any otaku worth his (or her) salt has heard of this game. The premiere dating sim is making its way to the 3DS. From what I understand, you pick one of three girls and foster a relationship with them, leading up to you going steady. This game will most likely not be coming to the West.

•Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition (PS3/360, Playable), Metal Gear Solid 3D Edition(PS3/360, Playable), Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D (3DS, Playable)- One of the flagship franchises for Konami, Metal Gear is making a strong presence with the MGS HD collection, the 3DS version of MGS3 and…..MGS 3D edition? Most likely this is referring to the HD editions of MGS2&3, sincePeace Walker is a downloadable game in Japan. The HD editions will be out this Fall and MGS3D will be out in November in Japan only.

•Winning Eleven 2012 (PS3, Playable)- Pro Evolution Soccer becomes Winning Eleven. Can it take back the title as the soccer game for fans from EA’s FIFA? We shall see next month for North America and November for Japan.

•Silent Hill Downpour (PS3, Playable)- The latest entry to the Silent Hill series. We saw it back at E3 and it looked good then. Hopefully more details about the game are announced, like a release date.

•Ao no Eiyuu Birds of Steel (PS3/360, Playable)- Birds of Steel is a WWII flight sim, somewhat along the lines of Blazing Angels. To be honest (and I apologize in advance)I find it weird that a Konami, a Japanese company, is publishing a WWII game a flight sim no less, from a Russian developer and marketing it to a Western audience. Just saying. The game is set to come out early 2012.

Konami has also announced their first four games that they will be publishing on the PS Vita:

•AR Combat Digi Q (PS Vita)- Based on Konami's line of Digi remote controlled tanks, AR Combat is what it says it is:Augmented Reality combat. Places such as desks, tables and floors are battlefields for these AR tanks. It seems like a really cool little concept perfect for the PSN store. Not release date on it for both Japan and the West.

•Asphalet Injection (PS Vita)- This game was demoed at last week's Gamescon, and so far not much is known other than it's a racing game.

•Mahjong Fight Club (PS Vita)- First rule of Mahjong fight club, you don't talk about MFC. As the title says its a Mahjong game.

•New Little King's Story (PS Vita)- Now this is an interesting title. Little King's Story showed up on the Wii in 2009 and was a gained good reviews, but didn't do so well in sales. Now in the hands of Marvelous, New Little King's Story is getting a graphical upgrade and new gameplay mechanics to make use of the Vita's touch screen and touch pad.

So far this is just what Konami officially announced, and probably has more announcements in store. Such as the Silent Hill HD collection, more info on the Vita version of Silent Hill and many more.

Source(s)- Siliconera, andriasang

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