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Tomb Raider Trilogy Review
Posted on June 03, 2011 by OG

What comes to mind when you hear the name Lara Croft? Probably words like adventure, puzzles, ancient history, and sex appeal. Lara defined the women of gaming in the 90’s. She’s been around the bush quite a bit. She's also had her ups and her downs over the years, but is still an icon of gaming. Tomb Raider Trilogy brings three of her latest adventures to the PS3: Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld.


Diversity - One good thing about this game is it allows you to see how three different companies viewed the world of Lara Croft. Out of the three companies Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix.My favorite had to be Square Enix and the search for Thor’s Hammer Mj�lnir. Tomb Raider Underworld kept it dark and gritty and had some of my favorite puzzles spread throughout.

Puzzle Crazy- I always enjoyed how the puzzles worked in Tomb Raider. They seem to never get old and have such a unique feel to them while helping to tell a story underneath the story. Seeing the dead bodies or body parts that litter the traps shows the true nature of how important the items they are guarding are.

Bonus Features - Trilogy comes packed with tons of bonus videos and developer diaries, and also includes a very nice theme and some avatars. For you trophy whores out there there are even more trophies added for these games.


Controls & Camera � I’ve always had a problem with the way the controls and camera worked in all of the Tomb Raider games. I constantly miss jumping off a rope to a ledge due to the fact that the camera can't give me a good view, or when an action button appears and it does not even respond to constant mashing.

HD Remastering? - This is a part of the game I don’t fully understand. These games were released on the Xbox 360 with HD capabilities already, so how much more HD can they really get? Maybe they should have said "enhanced HD."

Too Late for Gold- Something that throws me off about this game is that it feels like it should have been released earlier. Itmight have been a good idea to drop it right before they announced the new Tomb Raider rebirth game.

If you haven’t played these 3 Tomb Raider games in Trilogy, this is the perfect buy for you if you’re a fanwho has for some reason yet to play these three or would like to have the hours of bonus footage. If not, this is just another fart in the wind that will be passed on without so much as a stink. I would recommend finding a used copy so you can just run through and earn those trophies, or save the money for the true rebirth of Lara Croft in her new adventure/survival game coming later this year.

- Coppertone

OG - Editor-in-Chief / Original Gamer og (@) | all author's articles

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