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X-men Arcade Review
Posted on December 24, 2010 by OG

Several months ago, I went over the Top 10 Arcade Games That Didn't Make It To Home Consoles. Since then, a few of these games have made their way to the consoles in one form of the other with of course, my number one, �Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder�, being sadly ignored. On the brighter side, my number two on the list, �X-Men: The Arcade Game� has now come to consoles. Released on XBox Live Arcade, X-Men:Arcade is an remastered port of the arcade game with some little additions made to it. Will our heroes be worth the 800 MS Points or would those points be better spent on new avatar items??


Six Times The Fun � Being one of the first games to feature xix player arcade action, X-Men Arcade had some of the most frantic action sequences you’ll find in any arcade game. Six players can play online with each other while up to four can play offline. What developer Backbone Entertainment has also done is make full use of XBox Live by allowing players to jump into games at almost any time by picking one of the six X-Men characters: Wolverine, Cyclops, Colussus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and the one that everyone forgets is a mutant: Dazzler. Make sure to pick your character fast because no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to be the last person forced to use Dazzler.

No Need For Complications � The simple jump, attack and mutant power setup is back. In fact, there’s not much in a matter of options except for difficulty and which region. Difficulty is almost a joke since there are unlimited continues. As for region, the Japanese version has power-ups that the U.S. version didn’t (health and mutant powers) while the U.S. version continued to let you play after you beat Magneto.

Remastered, Not Remade � Backbone Entertainment gave the graphics a great shot in the arm, making the sprites look better than they ever did in the original. On the other hand, they didn’t change the voices, but hearing the original bad voice acting is more of a treasure than it is a pain.


The Power of Super Fast � It’s an arcade game, I know. With its lack of options, though, you have to really, really enjoy the game to keep playing it over and over again. It’s roughly 30 minutes to beat it from beginning to end. Again, it’s an arcade game so you can’t expect big changes, but after beating it, it’s hard to sit down and beat it again unless you have a group of friends that like the game as much as you do.

So what’s the verdict for X-Men Arcade? It’s a buy for fans that want to relive the joy of the original game. I remember it took me about ten bucks to beat the game originally, so for me, it’s a no-brainer. Those not into old-school arcade action may want to pass. X-Men Arcade is not some life-changing experience wrapped up in a 1993 arcade game based on the first animated X-men cartoon of the late 80s that was absolutely horrid. Instead, it’s one of those cherished moments of childhood, back when a group of gamers could come together to kick Magneto’s ass.

- O.G.

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