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Kojima Gathers Staff for Next Major Production
Posted on October 14, 2010 by OG

After spending time promoting Peace Walker, cross promoting with Square Enix, Capcom, and providing voice work for Castlevania Lord of Shadows it seems that Hideo Kojima is finally laying down the ground work for his next masterpiece.

The wheels went into motion starting on October 12, when Kojima tweeted the following:

I was happy and getting used to the title given to our coming game, but I decided to change it. Any game that I design, will be named by me.I won't be sure until I see my schedule, but I shouldn't have anything scheduled today besides our daily meeting. It's rare, but I can actually devote time to planning for my new project.

Then early today he tweeted about what he thinks is the difference between Japanese and Western creators and he talks about gathering his staff and some of the staff from Rising:

The differences between the creators in Japan and the West in this industry... Japanese creators try to express the game's environment through beautiful artwork, but western developers use technology to draw out the environment. The Japanese make the models and textures carefully to create a world. The West use shaders, lighting, shadows, effects, and programming to create their world.For my next project, I'm going to mention to the staff to throw out the old ways of production. Do not create pretty images, create a beautiful world. Designers shouldn't focus only on their part, but also borrow the programmer's strength to maximize the quality. We shouldn't measure quality by parts, we will measure by the quality and completion of the entire world.Had our first meeting for the next "A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME" with the core team members today. Some member are also participating on "RISING" so 10 people total this time. We will have a meeting every morning to discuss planning, testing, research, and scouting. An open environment to talk about important issues and share our dreams and concept for the project.

The way that Kojima is describing the differences between Japanese and Western creators, and how he wants his next project to be carried out, you can’t help but feel the passion he has for his craft. The game has been through two name changes and is not even in production yet, but I’m already excited for it. Call me a fanboy, but I personally can’t wait to see what he has in store for gamers. Maybe he can prove Inafune wrong and show that Japanese developers can be up there with Western titles.

Check out all of Kojima's plans and thoughts on the industry on his Twitter.

- Mike V.

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Spending time with Femshep, Jennifer Hale

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