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The RPG Fanatic: dnd (PLATO) Creators Gary Whisenhunt & Ray Wood Interview
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From the Editor's Desk: Is the Gamestop Lawsuit Good or Bad for Gamers?
Gamestop settled on a lawsuit regarding the sale of used games that are missing DLC. Is this lawsuit a win for gamers or will this cause more problems for gamers? ... [read more]
Top 10 Funniest Ways to Die... In Video Games
Posted on December 30, 2008 by MikeV

This list is pretty self-explanatory; though in some cases, the list expands to include ways in which the player can die, cause death, or events that happen as a result of these two. I may be reaching but I didn't want to use anything from Screwattack's Top Ten Worst Ways to Die, and let's face it, many of those, especially Burger Time, are pretty darn funny!

As always, this list only includes games that I've played as well as one game per franchise. 

10. Running over people in Grand Theft Auto in all its various ways: Taking something as mundane in gaming as running people over and making it funny is the essence of Grand Theft Auto: random violence and ragdoll physics for the win! Thanks to William T and Walker R. of Massachusetts for this suggestion!

9. The Mario Frustration Special Level Hack - Full of classic deaths, made funnier by the commentator's great reactions and timing. I probably would react just like this if I played this beast of a level!

8. Getting Burnt to Death/Drowning in Mario 64 - I was originally going to use the screaming/leaping Lethal Lava Land, because Mario in pain is easy to empathize with. After looking for a clip of such a death, I found something much better, a Mario 64 Masterpiece of hilarity and downright oddity!

7. Getting Thrown off the Elevator Stage in Streets of Rage - People often argue that Streets of Rage is a ripoff of Final Fight, and that it is inferior overall. This stage is some of the best evidence of how SOR is actually better. What's funnier than throwing tons of bad guys (I don't know, seems like more than 100) off an elevator to their death and then having Blaze brush her hair nonchalantly for an idle animation! She's a stone cold killer! (Also, german suplex them off the right edge of the elevator?! Sweet! AWESOMEAH POWAHH!)

6. Shrunk by Shredder in Turtles in Time SNES version - Thanks to for this idea. As far as I remember, only the special Super Shredder in the SNES version has this attack. And even if isn't unique, too bad! This is the one I'm using! The attack itself is funny enough, guess part of Super Shredder's new powers is the absorption of the retro mutagen ray into his body if he is able to turn his foes back into ordinary turtles with one blast! The baby turtle screaming animation is icing on the cake!

5. Repeatedly doing lethal moves to human survivors in Dead Rising - It sure takes a while to kill them! This entry definitely makes no sense, but damn, it is funny! Let's get this straight: These ordinary people can survive face crushing, kicks to the face, suplexes, football tackles, giant swings and more, yet a few zombies hitting or biting them does them in?! Me thinks their calls to Frank for help are signs of larger problems...

4. Death by Chocobo! - I had hoped to use footage from FFX-2 for this number, as it is the most abrupt of chocobo death. They show up randomly and sometimes act first, summoning meteor, and putting a big hole in the ground and your party, killing you! Guess you'll have to imagine it. I guess the 2nd best one would be this footage from FFVII, despite it being manipulated. Lastly, we have some red chocobos mauling everyone from Final Fantasy Tactics!

3. Liu Kang getting killed by Rain - Liu Kang's death yells make any Mortal Kombat Fatality automatically better, but combining Rain's already hardcore fatality equals pure hilarity! Also, just for fun, we have Rain's rather unorthodox Animality. Yea, I think the John Tobias and Ed Boon were running out of gruesome animal deaths by this time, so they turned to humor, a smart move! Due to the hype and controversy of Mortal Kombat having died off long ago, it is the humor of fatalities that stay with us!

2. Conker's Bad Fur Day: Meeting Death - Since you have to die in order to see this scene, I SAY it counts, my list, remember. This conversation with Greg the Grim Reaper is priceless with lots of comedy gold. Though I don't trust a guy who doesn't like cats... But then again, should someone trust Death?

1. Black Rabite from Seiken Densetsu 3 - Evil in its cutest form and the toughest fight in the game. This secret boss is a brilliant ironic creation and the best sign that Squaresoft may be lacking creativity these days. Oh who am I kidding, they are lacking creativity! Hello, umpteenth FFVII related game! The Black Rabite will massacre an unprepared team, it knows every powerful spell in the game and if you hit it wrong, it summons actual Level 99 Greater Demons for backup! No one better mess with the Black Rabite, I can only imagine the horrors a Black Rabiteman would unleash! See Gaia's Navel in Secret of Mana if you missed that one!

Honorable Mention - The Legend of Zelda - Death by Chickens - After remembering this classic suddenly, I was trying to add this to my list somewhere. But I decided to give it an honorable mention for whatever reason I'm thinking of right now but won't tell you!

I remember first finding this in A Link to the Past, thinking it was a glitch. A fine example of game developers' sense of humor. Hopefully the player doesn't stick around long enough, as these chickens are as deadly as can be and will ruthlessly murder Link! They are pretty mean spirited to take out the flaws of their immortal lives on a young boy in green! How else is Link supposed to test the sharpness of his sword? Some Master Sword it is if it can't kill a simple chicken, unkillable though it may be!


- Ugly Bob

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