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Payday developer and Valve collaborating on project
Whenever I gave a quick description of Payday: The Heist, I would always say that it's like Left 4 Dead, but with cops instead of zombies. It seems that I was not the only one that thought of this as news today from OVERKILL Software confirms that they will be working with... [read more]
Gaming with Mom on Mother's Day
Most sons take their mother's out to eat for Mother's Day. For my mom and I, we spent the day playing Modern Warfare 3.... [read more]
Leeroy Jenkins goes live-action
Any gamer worth their weight in salt knows about Leeroy Jenkins.  If you don't, shame on you and go watch the video now.  Although this memo... [read more]

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Gaming with Mom on Mother's Day
Most sons take their mother's out to eat for Mother's Day. For my mom and I, we spent the day playing Modern Warfare 3.... [read more]
"Not just another zombie game" Sandswept Studios talks about The Dead Linger
With the huge success of the Double Fine Kickstarter project that raised over $3 million, game developers flocked to Kickstarter in hopes that their game would become the next crowd funding success story. One such developer is Sandswept Studios with their game, The Dead Lin... [read more]
3 reasons why there's no need for story in fighting games
If you're playing a fighting game for the story, you're doing it wrong.... [read more]

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Lone Survivor Review
Lone Survivor by Jasper Byrne mixes some 32-bit graphics with the gameplay mechanics of one of my favorite PS2 games: Disaster Report. This game had everything going for it but somehow it just doesn’t work for me.... [read more]
Datura Review
Designed to be played with either Playstation Move or a SixAxis controller, Datura begins with players waking up in a strange forest following a confusing beginning in the back of an ambulance. Featuring puzzle-solving and exploration gameplay in a similar vein to the Myst s... [read more]
Legend of Grimrock Review
One of the surprise hits to come out this year, Legend of Grimrock takes parts of the past and parts of the modern and mixes them to make something very interesting that all RPG fan might love.... [read more]

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Let's Play With O.G. - Hitman: Sniper Challenge and Contest
Square Enix announced last week that gamers that pre-order Hitman Absolution will get a free DLC called Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Check out O.G. play the challenge, a... [read more]
The RPG Fanatic: dnd (PLATO) Creators Gary Whisenhunt & Ray Wood Interview
In the mid 1970s Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood created one of the earliest computer roleplaying videogames, dnd, which also happened to be one of the first "fan games". Although little known today, their work pre-dates much better known series like Ultima, Wizardry and Dragon... [read more]
The RPG Fanatic: Seiken Densetsu 3 Retrospect and Review + Operation Manafall
You might know this game as Secret of Mana 2, but this video is titled by the only name it was officially released as. This was a Japan exclusive game in the Mana series that many people aren't aware existed, but let's change that starting right now!... [read more]
E3 2010 Day 1 Reflections
Posted on June 15, 2010 by Eduardo




That’s really all I can start out with. E3 was everything I thought it was and more. The scale, the glitz, the spectacle, the games and yes, the girls were all a sight to see. What stuck out to me more than anything else, though, wasn’t anything shown to us by any game company or peripheral maker. Instead, it was something we, the attendees, bought ourselves.

It was the camaraderie. It was the half-a-dozen guys standing behind me watching the Nintendo press conference on my laptop when the Wi-Fi flaked out (Sprint 4G FTW). It was “talking shop” without fearing people wouldn’t understand what you were talking about. It was smiling and laughing with all the other folks at the Rock Band 3 event, then taking the stage with a group of strangers and strumming, drumming and singing without a care in the world.

As much as we like (or loathe) to talk about how gaming has gone “mainstream” it is still something of a fringe activity. Yes, there are more gamers nowadays and our parents might even be aware of Mario and Master Chief, but enthusiasts can be a little harder to find. Events where gaming is the primary focus are also few and far between. Those that are desperate can find sometimes a little bit of gaming tossed into the occasional anime or comic book convention.

Thus, to be in one place where the majority of people are gamers is nothing short of awesome. E3 is one place where you can talk about gaming and don’t have to change the subject for fear that you are boring the other person to death. It is where you can join a stranger in a co-op game and not worry about them sucking too much. As others have said before, E3 is Christmas, Halloween and a birthday party all rolled together into one. It may not be “where everybody knows your name” but it is where everybody knows you’re game.

- Eduardo "Randomizer9" Soliz

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