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by OG | January 31, 2012
Our first Question of the Month for 2012 has the staff answering what is their most anticipated game for 2012. [read more]

by OG | January 20, 2012
It's the final day for the 1st Anuual OG Awards. Here are our winners for each platform and The Game of the Year. [read more]

by OG | January 18, 2012
The OG Awards continue with Day 2 - Genre Awards! [read more]

by OG | January 16, 2012 has been up and running for more than 3 years now, and we've never gave official awards. Today, we start our annual awards, The OG Awards. Today we have our miscellaneous awards for 2011. [read more]

by OG | January 14, 2012
An ad for Soul Calibur V came out in Japan (fairly important part here) showing nothing but a mass amount of cleavage. Of course, to a male feminist hipster douchebag, this is equivalent to someone appearing in blackface. I came up with the 4 reasons why complaining about the Japanese Soul Calibur V ad makes you a douche. [read more]

by OG | January 11, 2012
2011 was a great time to be a gamer, but there were some hiccups here and there. Here’s some of the winners, losers, and assholes that really made 2011 to me. [read more]

by Steve | January 10, 2012
2011 was a great year for gaming with some brilliant AAA titles releasing seemingly every month. Some people are even proclaiming 2011 as the best year in gaming history but for me, there were a lot of titles that either didn’t deliver on what was promised or that failed to hit the heights set by earlier titles in their series. [read more]

by Jack | January 05, 2012
Is there an easier way to scoring games? [read more]

by Eduardo | January 04, 2012
When you can have over 90 Marios left without even trying, the system has failed. [read more]

by OG | January 04, 2012
2011 is gone and 2012 is here. That means it's time to bicker over what is the Game of the Year. [read more]

by MikeV | December 22, 2011
Did you get a Kinect for Christmas and have no idea what games to get for it? These are 5 games you should get that aren't Dance Central. [read more]

by OG | December 11, 2011
The VGAs are over and people are pissed. My question for those pissed is WHY ARE YOU TAKING IT SERIOUSLY!? [read more]

by OG | December 11, 2011
Female characters with big boobs don't make you sexist. Being a jerk does. [read more]

by Eduardo | December 06, 2011
Eduardo breaks down why the Wii U may not be so new. [read more]

by Jack | December 01, 2011
Many people have been complaining about yearly releases of games, but are they that bad? [read more]

How is the PS Vita launch going to be?

It'll be amazing with consoles sold out everywhere!
I'm sure anyone can pick one up without worrying about it.
There will be tons left on the shelves.
3DS sales will get a nice bump thanks to people realizing the PS Vita is a joke.
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Top 5 Cold War Games
Gaming had some of its best years in the 80s which was when the Cold War ended. Using the Cold War for inspiration, game developers brought the war to the arcades and consoles. We take a look at those games with our Top 5 Cold War Games!... [read more]
RPG(ology): Easter Egg Memorials in World of Warcraft
If you played World of Warcraft enough, you may have missed some touching memorials that Blizzard made for special people. The RPG Fanatic explains who these people were, and why Blizzard decided to immortalize them in World of Warcraft. ... [read more]
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The wheels of fate are turning once again as the latest version of BlazBlue hits consoles with BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended. This is the second major update to Continuum Shift and the third as a whole in the series. Now there will be some people asking “Why in the he... [read more]
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review
Final Fantasy XIII was already a drastic change from the ‘traditional’ games of the series, so what more could Square Enix do to change it? Does Final Fantasy XIII-2 deserve all the hate that it has been given just because it is not a “traditional” Final Fantasy?... [read more]
Final Fantasy V Review
In 1992, Final Fantasy V was released for the Super Famicom in Japan. Despite selling over two million copies, the game did not come stateside until it was released alongside Final Fantasy VI for the PSX as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology collection in January 1999. Sinc... [read more]


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