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by Oscar Gonzalez | February 25, 2014
Mike is back on the podcast and he has a word that he wants to take back. Mike and O.G. talk about the latest drama in the industry including Deep Down being male only, a BioWare developer blaming homophobia for the BioWare hate and the Titanfall beta. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | February 14, 2014
It's been a drama filled week. O.G. talks about the the domination of The Last of Us at the DICE Awards, the Flappy Bird developer loses it and Anita Sarkeesian gets a "special" award. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | January 27, 2014
2014 has arrived so it’s time for a new podcast. O.G. is flying solo, again, talking about his top 5 games of 2013. Then he breaks down the Microsoft paying Let’s Play YouTubers controversy, the journalist that sexually harassed a developer, and Nintendo’s financial problems. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | December 20, 2013
O.G. is on his own again, This time he's talking about what happened on the VGX, what's going on with the YouTube copyright situation, Cliffy B. and more. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | November 22, 2013
O.G. is going solo on this podcast. He talks about the PS4 vs. Xbox One launch, another Feminist Frequency video and what's offending him. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | November 12, 2013
Mike and O.G. recount their time at the Alamo City Comic Con, O.G. explains what Resolutiongate is, and the two discuss what it takes to make a better gaming community. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | October 14, 2013
During our little break, we bought a new domain. We are officially, no dash needed. Mike and O.G. talk about this new revelation, all the Steam announcements, GTA V, and a couple of assholes at Gamestop. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | September 23, 2013
Mike and O.G. have a long talk about the current news in gaming and games journalism. We end it with Anita Sarkeesian finally getting her time to shine in the “And Then There’s This Asshole…” segment. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | September 05, 2013
Mike and O.G. didn’t go to PAX Prime this year, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about it. The asshole this week is a site that decided to copy and paste an article written by O.G., something that surprises even him. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | August 23, 2013
Mike and O.G. recap what happened at San Japan 6 including some very rude karaoke people. Then some news from gamescom where Sony dropped a few bombs. This week we feature a delusional assholes from [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | August 11, 2013
Mike and O.G. talk about collusion in fighting games that leads to an argument about fighting games tournament. Then the guys discuss the latest claims of sexism in gaming that includes Dragon’s Crown, Project X Zone, and Anita Sarkeesian. We end with this week’s asshole who is one of the most dominant players in the fighting game community who is a complete asshole. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | July 28, 2013
Fighting game commentator, Ultradavid, talks about Evo 2013, tournament prize money, and the FGC. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | July 22, 2013
Mike and O.G. return to talk about the trip to Austin for RTX, the amazing weekend of tournaments of Evo, and why O.G. used to make mix tapes for girls he liked. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | July 06, 2013
8-Bit Eric, Eduardo and O.G. talk about their time at SGC 2013 and the Texas Comic Con, but mainly SGC. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | June 20, 2013
Harlem returns to the podcast to listen to O.G.'s tales from this year's E3. [read more]

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