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Tusk returns to Killer Instinct
The barbarian from Killer Instinct 2, Tusk will make his return to the franchise in Killer Instinct Season 3. ... [read more]
New Nintendo Direct shows Star Fox Zero in action
The latest Nintendo Direct had info about some up Nintendo's upcoming games, but let's face it, the start of the show was Star Fox Zero. ... [read more]
Capcom punishes rage quitters and will look for more
On Feb. 26, Capcom's Neidel "Haunts" Crisan revealed that rage quitter's were going to get punished, but he didn't give specifics. In his latest blog, he revealed the fate of those who can't take the loss. ... [read more]

Latest Articles

PAX South 2016: Umbrella Corps Preview
Compared to last year, PAX South 2016 was lacking major developers. This would explain why I was excited to see Capcom in attendance. I don’t play Resident Evil games, but something about the previews I had seen compelled me to stand in line to play Umbrella Corps.... [read more]
Your safe space doesn't belong in my competitive game
Whether it’s trash talking or teabagging, some people are looking for a nicer online experience. Guess what? We’re not in elementary school anymore. This is digital dodgeball and players like me are aiming for your head. ... [read more]
Smite Preview: Hey look at me, I'm playing a MOBA on my console
There's no doubt that the top two MOBA games are DotA 2 and League of Legends, and with the control layout for those games, it's unlikely we'll see those games make the jump to the consoles. However, Smite, the third-person perspective MOBA game and arguably the third most p... [read more]

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Firewatch Review: Prepare for an interesting sensation
Firewatch is the first game developed by San Francisco-based company, Campo Santo. Needless to say, for this to be their first game it was certainly on fire. ... [read more]
Pony Island Review: Not that innocent of a game
I saw the trailer for Pony Island and thought to myself “Well, this looks like a fun puzzle game at least and it’s a pretty funny title”. I gave it a shot and I wasn’t disappointed.... [read more]
Undertale Review: An 8-bit RPG with a twist
Toby Fox first made himself known to the public with his ROM hack, “Press the B Button, Stupid!” for an Earthbound Halloween Pack back in 2008. With the help of artist Temmie Chang, he created a game that will take you back in time with its 8-bit look, music and turn-bas... [read more]

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PAX South 2016: Lords of New York Interview
If you never thought you wanted a poker RPG, then you haven't played Lords of New York from Lunchtime Studios. ... [read more]
PAX South 2016: Moving Hazard Interview
Moving Hazard is a new take on the zombie action game. The multiplayer shooter makes the zombies the weapon to take out the other team. ... [read more]
PAX South 2016: Eternal Interview
Dire Wolf Digital is jumping into the card game genre with Eternal. Unlike other card games, Eternal lets players make decisions both on offense and defense. ... [read more]

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Dark Souls II Review
At this point, anybody who plays video games that don't involve a touch screen interface is well aware of what Dark Souls II is. A sequel to a spiritual sequel to an amazingly difficult, but fun game, Dark Souls II has some large shoes to fill.
Xbox 360
Earth Defense Force 2025 Review
With the Xbox 360 heading out the door, Earth Defense Force sees a second installment (because Insect Armageddon never happened) in EDF 2025. As one of the last titles to be released for the Xbox 360, one can only wonder if it will succeed in capturing the wonder and joy that 2017 brought so many years ago.
Xbox 360
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an example of when a developer can keep everything simple yet elegant. There are games with bigger budgets and bigger teams that can't come close to delivering an experience like this.
Xbox 360
Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Review
Gearbox Software is trying something new with Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. There’s no new character in this DLC, and it takes a departure from the world of Pandora. Instead you’re transported to a magical realm filled with magic, dragons and all the other standards you’ll see in a fantasy game. Is it worth the $10 to take a romp in a new land?
Xbox 360
Doodle Jump for Kinect Review
Ever since mobile gaming burst onto the industry, there have been various attempts at bringing that level of success (and cash flow) to home consoles. Some games like Fruit Ninja Kinect transferred over well. Other games, however, did not so well. Doodle Jump for Kinect is the latter.
Xbox 360
State of Decay Review
Have you ever wanted to play GTA but filled with zombies? Then I'd like to introduce you to State of Decay.
Xbox 360
Injustice: Gods Among Us Review
Injustice: Gods Among Us is NetherRealm Studio's return to the DC Universe. Will a company dedicated to over-the-top violence be able to make a good fighting game without their most iconic characters backing them up, or will this be another excuse for the masses to hate fighting games?
Xbox 360
Tomb Raider Review
After several games of the same formula, the Tomb Raider series is getting a reboot. Crystal Dynamics is showing that even if a series is successful, there are times that you need to go to the beginning and start from scratch. I'm so happy that they did just that.
Xbox 360
Special Forces Team X Review
With recent restructuring of the company, Special Forces Team X was the last title to come out from the previous development cycle. Is SFTX a competitor in the online multiplayer market? No but it instead bases itself in a secluded market that hasn’t been tapped since the last generation of console: airsoft-styled weapons in a third-person shooter. Then again, maybe we should have left it back in 2003 when it was cool.
Xbox 360
Skulls of the Shogun Review
Inspired by the popular GameBoy franchise Advance Wars, 17-Bit Studios’ new game franchise Skulls of the Shogun is a turned-based combat title about deceased samurai who strive for glory in their afterlife. The cartoon style brings some humor to a mythological very serious bit of Japanese culture.
Xbox 360
Omerta: City of Gangsters Review
An offer that you should refuse.
Xbox 360
Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review
Konami has once again reached back to the previous generation to pull together a compilation of their fast-paced mech series, Zone of the Enders. Zone of the Enders HD Collection includes ZOE 1 and 2, both given a HD visual upgrade along with various extras.
Xbox 360
Retro City Rampge Review
In pixelated 4:3 ratio, Retro City Rampage is a game that adult gamers would reminisce about from the late 80’s. Making an impossible list of callbacks to classic pop culture objects throughout video games, movies & other media, RCR puts together a game that every twenty-something or thirty-something’s nostalgic feelings would tingle for.
Xbox 360
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron tells the story of the last days of Cybertron through the eyes of the Autobots & Decepticons. The single-player campaign is an enjoyable experience includes some good action sequences, but it’s nothing special for hardcore Transformer fans while newcomers to the series from the Shia LaBeouf trilogy can jump in knowing about a third of the characters. Outside of the campaign, there’s also a great multiplayer that’s completely unexpected!
Xbox 360
Guardians of Middle-Earth Review
The massive online battle arena (MOBA) sub-genre has blown up the past couple of years. While DotA was the first game to focus on this style of play, League of Legends is another MOBA game that has become a massive hit. Thing is, for us console folks, that MOBA craze has been passing us by. Guardians of Middle-Earth is trying to fill that MOBA void along with combining the well-known characters of the Lord of the Rings universe.
Xbox 360
Far Cry 3 Review
“Do you know the definition of…”, ah hell, is it really worth repeating? After countless ads pegging Far Cry 3 for the theme of “insanity”, I’m happy to share it fits the title perfectly, but sadly, I’m not quite sure in the way the developers intended.
Xbox 360
Halo 4: Crimson Map Pack Review
A month and a few days after the release of Halo 4, the newest maps are out and I couldn’t believe the mixed feelings I was getting from each time I played. From realizing how overpowered red team was on each map to enjoying two great symmetrical maps, every match that I played with the Crimson Map Pack was something different.
Xbox 360
Black Ops II Review
Another year, another Call of Duty. Black Ops II is the sequel to 2010’s Call of Duty game, Black Ops, developed by Treyarch who has done their share of games in the franchise right behind Infinity Ward. Does Black Ops II have enough “new” to keep the series from going stale or is this just another entry for a series that’s been milked way too much?
Xbox 360
007 Legends Review
Going back to visit classic Bond moments through Daniel Craig, 007 Legends reminisces on the eve of the latest Bond film Skyfall. Does the newest installment in the Bond video game library stand a chance of being remembered? Maybe by classic Bond fans, but not by many.
Xbox 360
Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review
Can Danger Close get it down their second time around or is it time to hang up the army boots on the Medal of Honor series?
Xbox 360
Resident Evil 6 Review
With the release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom has been given a new chance. Once again using what made Resident Evil 4 great, they've mixed in some of the things that put previous installments on the map. Now with branching campaigns, Resident Evil 6 hopes to bring in both fans of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. A respectable attempt, but forgive me for being skeptical.
Xbox 360
Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Episode 3 Review
From taking down dozens of Banshees to eliminating brigades of grunts & jackals while taking out covenant terrorists, Spartan Ops episode 3 is exactly what Spartan Ops was being hyped up to be.
Xbox 360
Karateka Review
It's been almost 30 years since Karateka was released for the Apple II. Can a remake of this classic title hold up in this modern age of gaming?
Xbox 360
Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Episode 2 Review
Continuing from the first episode that was in Halo 4, the second episode for Spartan Ops continues from where you left off: you found a Forerunner artifact in your last mission with your squad of other Spartan IV’s and returned it to the Infinity with some unfortunate results.
Xbox 360
Nights Into Dreams Review
Many of us who grew up with the Sega Saturn will remember Nights Into Dreams. While it was a short game (players could easily beat it in an hour), it was one of those titles that made the Sega Saturn worth buying. Now, as a downloadable title for the PSN and Xbox 360 players can become nostalgic as they live through one of their childhood favorites.
Xbox 360