Red Steel 2 Leaked On Torrents, Nintendo Still A Winner

Piracy has struck another major title. This time it's on the Wii. Ubisoft's Red Steel 2 has popped up on torrent sites early this morning. The FPS/sword wielding game is highly anticipated by many Wii owners with hopes of becoming a shining example of how dynamic motion sensor controls can truly be with the use of the Wii MotionPlus accessory. What makes this bit of piracy slightly stranger is that not only does this come a week before the release date(a few days is normal, a week or more usually hints at a distributor leak), but this is the PAL version instead of the NTSC.

In the end, Nintendo is still a winner due to the Wii MotionPlus being required to play. Until pirates find a way to download accessories, Nintendo will continue to make money, pirated or not.

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id: 274
lee on 03/21/10 12:58:44
I donnt understand. nintendo already has enough money. I 'm worried about ubisoft. It looks lik they poured there heart into this game and yet people pirate it,. we can only hope that the game will still do well.
id: 271
RY0K0-SAKI on 03/14/10 15:32:03
Seed Seed Seed >:( lol
id: 270
GOONGA on 03/14/10 15:09:51
This is news!? WTF!!
id: 267
Hero on 03/14/10 12:58:18
Damn gay cheaters and thieves. Ive seen it emulated on the Dolphin EMulator in HD with the gay "pirate" thieves.
id: 264
dennett316 on 03/14/10 11:15:06
@mman, gaytendo? You idiot! As for the motion plus thing, they may make money because of that but they'll lose significantly more on lost software sales...hardly a win.
id: 263
rman on 03/14/10 08:27:32
just how you ''loose'' with grammer?
id: 262
mman on 03/14/10 07:56:59
who cares about gaytendo. ubisoft made the game, they lose money.