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Rumor: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be Announced at SDCC 2011
Posted on July 16, 2011 by

The Quarter Bin is making a claim that Capcom will be annoucing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Much like Super Street Fighter IV, the new addition will include 12 new characters and other new content such as stages, costumes, and more. The game will also be budget priced at $39.99 as well.

Downloadable content has long been suspected for the game, and new character rumors have been buzzing before and after the game's official release. Let's look back on what we have heard, and who's most likely to be coming.

Earlier this year I wrote about the character files found on the game disc, showing the names of Doctor Octopus and Frank West. Rumors have also circulated about Elektra, which may explain why there is a stage in the game featuring her clan of assassins, the Hand. So far though, only Frank West has ever been commented on, since he was in fact originally intended for release before he was cut due to technical issues.

Meanwhile, there's been a number of obvious omissions in the cast that fans have been wondering about for a very long time. Characters like the Blue Bomber:

Yes, I'm aware that's Mega Man X. Not having any incarnation of Mega Man whatsoever is very surprising though. He's just as recognizable as Ryu as far as Capcom characters go. Interestingly enough though, Mega Man X was the number one most requested character in Japan.

There's also that picture we posted only a mere three weeks after MvC3's release. While Capcom has never commented on it, leaving it likely to be a creation of photoshop, it leaves one to wonder why everyone's favorite Capcom ninja isn't back. Of course, I already mentioned that here yesterday.

Speaking of fan favorites, I wonder if a certain lawyer will leave the courtroom and finally make his fighting game debut.

Yeah, I wouldn't count on it either, even though I'm a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series. Fans have asked, and he's been shot down by producer Ryota Niitsuma himself.

Finally, there were many rumors of the Silver Surfer flying around before the game's release. However, it's been said he likely was cut because he would be fairly diffcult to balance into the game. After all, he has the power cosmic, and is always flying. Makes sense to me, but he deserved a mention nonetheless.

So who is really coming to Marvel vs Capcom 3? One can only wait to see what Capcom really has in store for us. But in the mean time, the characters I've mentioned probably have the best shot of making it. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see at Capcom's panel next Saturday at San Diego Comic Con 2011.


- Kyle

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