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Dead Island Co-Op Trailer
More classic horror icon news, this time zombies are the main focus. Dead Island has a new trailer that was released today, which takes a brief look at the multiplayer Co-Op: ... [read more]
Freddy Krueger MK9 story trailer
To celebrate the 80's horror icon arrival in MK9, NetherRealm released this trailer giving a back story as to why he's in the game: ... [read more]
Kingdom Hearts 3D demo at TGS 2011
If you're in Tokyo around the third week of September and are a fan of Kingdom Hearts, then read on how you can play a demo build of the game.... [read more]

Latest Reviews

Puzzle Dimension Review
Boasting 100 puzzles and lush graphics this $10 downloadable title cranks up the challenge with its simple mechanics on PSN. However, repeated puzzle offerings prevent Puzzle Dimension from becoming an instant classic.... [read more]
Captain America: Super Soldier Review
It seems that whenever SEGA ports over their movie licensed games to the Wii, the Wii version turns out to be just a bit better than its HD cousins. Now it’s Captain America’s turn to step up for the Wii. ... [read more]
Shadows of the Damned Review
A 3rd Person Shooter that takes you to a hell you have never been to. Suda51 is known for bizarre games, and this game is no exception to the unique flavor that all his games have.... [read more]

Latest Videos

RPG Fanatic: Fallout: New Vegas Review
What does the RPG Fanatic think of the latest entry in the Fallout series? ... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Bastion Pt. 7 - 10 Final
See how it all ends in parts 7 - 10. ... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Bastion Pt. 4 - 6
Continue the journey through the Bastion with O.G. in parts 4 - 6. ... [read more]
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