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GamesCon 2011: Battlefield 3 trailer
The Call of Duty servers are going to take a hit this year, if EA and DICE have anything to do with it. Judging by the evidence on offer in the Battlefield 3 ‘Caspian Border’ gameplay trailer shown at this week’s Gamescom, the player migration will be more than justifi... [read more]
Gear Unboxing: Turtle Beach Ear Force P11
From Turtle Beach is the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 for the PS3. ... [read more]
GamesCon 2011: Grasshopper Manufacture
In addition to Lollipop Chainsaw, Grasshopper Manufacture has also announced two more games that they are working on. Curious to see if they're over the top as a chainsaw wielding cheerleader? Hit the jump to find out.... [read more]

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Puzzle Dimension Review
Boasting 100 puzzles and lush graphics this $10 downloadable title cranks up the challenge with its simple mechanics on PSN. However, repeated puzzle offerings prevent Puzzle Dimension from becoming an instant classic.... [read more]
Captain America: Super Soldier Review
It seems that whenever SEGA ports over their movie licensed games to the Wii, the Wii version turns out to be just a bit better than its HD cousins. Now it’s Captain America’s turn to step up for the Wii. ... [read more]
Shadows of the Damned Review
A 3rd Person Shooter that takes you to a hell you have never been to. Suda51 is known for bizarre games, and this game is no exception to the unique flavor that all his games have.... [read more]

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RPG Fanatic: Diablo III Announcement Outrage?
The RPG Fanatic talks about the recent announcement that Diablo 3 will require the player to have internet access in order to play even in solo mode and that the game will support players to sell in-game items for real life currency. A lot of people have expressed outrage ov... [read more]
San Japan 4TW: Shinichi Watanabe
The RPG Fanatic was able to get this exclusive interview with Japanese animation director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe when he attended San Japan 4TW in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Watanabe has directed such works as Tokyo Pig, Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy, Nerima Daikon Brothers... [read more]
Unboxing: Razer Deathadder Transformers 3 Mouse
Obsess over Transformers much? Think that Transformers 3 was the best movie this summer? Wish you had a sweet looking Transformers mouse? Check out the new special edition Transformers 3 DeathAdder mouse from Razer. ... [read more]
E3 2011: Interview with Skullgirls' Mike “Mike Z.” Zaimont
Posted on June 11, 2011 by OG

Autumn Games' Skullgirls is looking to be the fighting game for fighting game fans made by fighting games fans. We had a chance to talk with lead combat designer, and fighting game champ, Mike “Mike Z.” Zaimont at E3 about what is going to set Skullgirls apart from other fighting games, and how it is to go from being the one playing the fighting game to the one designing the fighting game.

- O.G.

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