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OnLive Micro Console + Free Game Contest
We met up with a few people from OnLive at GDC Online last week, and had a good time talking to them about their service. Now they want you to get the full experience of OnLive.... [read more]
Expecting Less From Gamers
We've come a long way from the days where EGM was the only outlet for game journalism, when advertisements were made to directly appeal to the uber-hip Vanilla Ice in all of us, and when Nintendo Power was actually useful and relevant. Since then, there have been some change... [read more]
Sword Girls Beta Impressions
Apart from my life-absorbing hobby of video games, I also spend a lot of time at the tabletop, and some of my favorites are card games. I am not talking about Solitaire here, more like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, only without the obscene amount of card collecting, AKA ... [read more]

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Disgaea 4 Review
NiS promised a lot of changes with Disgaea 4. Did they deliver on their promises?... [read more]
God of War Origins Collection Review
God of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta are two of the bestselling games for the PSP. They managed to capture the rage and anger of Kratos, his blood filled rampage and his tragic story all onto their individual UMDs. Now, most people who played those games had the... [read more]
Child of Eden Review
Flying neon whales? Eletronica muisc? A girl calling out to you? No this isn't a bad trip this is Child of Eden. ... [read more]

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GDC Online: OnLive VP John Spinale Interview
OnLive started as a pipedream, but the OnLive is going strong a year after launch. We had a chance to speak to the VP of Games and Media, John Spinale, about this exciting year for OnLive, what' they're doing to be competitive player in the industry, and what's in the futur... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Rage Pt. 9-12
O.G. is getting close to the end of the first disc of Rage. See how his time at Wellspring ends. ... [read more]
8-Bit Eric talks about Extra Life
Friend of the site, 8-Bit Eric, made a video about Extra Life, the video game charity event. ... [read more]
SGC 2010: GameOverthinker Interview
Posted on July 09, 2010 by OG

He won last year's My Vids Don't Suck Contest on Screwattack and now he was there at SGC in person to greet his fans.

- O.G.

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Expecting Less From Gamers
Sword Girls Beta Impressions
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