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10 Hottest Cosplayers from AnimeNEXT 2010

AnimeNEXT had some great panels. I covered two video game fan panels and saw a lot of hotness. These are the kind of hotness that make you forgot we are all nerds.

#10 Milk Maid

#9 Witch

#8 Wave Masters

#7 Lightning

#6 Saria playing the Ocarina

#5 Princess Garnet from FFIX

#4 Pikachu

#3 Ninja?

#2 Looks a bit like Carmen Sandiego...

#1 Bunny Girl

The hottest picture of her!

Thanks to Joel Tavarez at for being our cameraman.

- Ugly Bob

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ok first off #2 is Sylvia from No more heroes 2

and none of these girls are fat so everyone shutup.

thoughi do agree the camera work sucks major cock and you made sylvia look like ass. please take better photos if yer gonna post them places so they can accent the costumes that people worked hard on and so they can be displayed properly.
ok this anime con was awsome. also a few of these comments are really mean. ok some of them arent the best looking and some of them are alittle slutty but a few arent. oh and Blade you know who this is. good job lmao.
now i know who #2 is its Sylvia from no more heroes 2
I Agree with the first comment. You need to get skillz, or or someone else who has them to take your photos, and learn how aspect ratios work. Also, you should probably actually know what the heck your article is about and fill it with information that applies to it instead of taking the first 10 pictures you took at a con and randomly posting them as a top ten list. also, i wonder if the last girl appreciated being stalked all weekend and observed in different outfits(proof that you followed her, a lot). Corner Creeper much?
NONE of these girls are hot, just dressed like sluts, and can it count as cosplay when they aren't dressed as a character?? And if you're going to make an article with them at least A get a better photographer and B ASK THEM WHAT THEY ARE COSPLAYING, or maybe you did ask and just forgot because you were too busy thinking "OMG BOOBS MUST TAKE PICTURE" Honestly, it's disgusting. I know you're probably just trying to gain views but you just make this site look like a piece of trash

Article sucks yeah, but I would do most of them though!
i don't get it.

over 1000 degrees for all these ugly pictures:/
This article should read.... "What gamer girls really look like" thus dispelling the myth of hot or cute gamer girls.
Fucking nasty fat bitches
Hotness? Sorry but I've seen better looking girls in sexier outfits.
This is one of the list made to forget.
Learn to re-size your photos lol
the ninja is a female Kakashi from Naruto

The witch looks like Blaire from Soul Eater
Yo, all these girls are gorgeous in my ways. Although, they are in various degrees. I was just lucky enough to room with one of them. Hint: It's the one with a cottonball tail.
Im pretty sure #2 is Julia from cowboy bebop. I think.
who took these shots? Awful skillz
This was retarded. Two (TWO!!!) of the girls in those ugly photos were hot. Looks like someone used a cellphone for each pic and just hit auto crop. Waste of time.
I have no problems with "hoes" as long as they are legal and can dance haha
Unless they're actually cosplaying as a character, they just seem to be a bunch of hoes looking for an excuse to get half-naked.
All of these suck and so does this article
isnt #6 more of a Shara instead of link? #8 are wave masters from dot hack, and for the first part of #1 i think shes a Lolita. god i hope they are legal lol

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