Iron Man 2 Leaked But Will Pirates Care?

Pirates are in a real conundrum right now. Do they download Iron Man 2 for their modded Xbox 360 or save money on blank discs? A real brain twister if you ask me. On one hand they can play a major game based on what will be, without a doubt, the biggest movie of the year more than a week before it comes out. On the other hand, it's Iron Man 2 , and the first one really sucked. I have a feeling though, that sales for Sega's Iron Man 2 will not take a big hit from being pirated because I doubt they care that much about the game anyways.

- O.G.

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Sarcasm II on 04/27/10 13:14:47
Great comment...
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Sarcasm on 04/27/10 11:39:45
Great post...
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biggles on 04/27/10 11:28:10
If I had already downloaded this, then I would know how crap it is and how it's not going to be worth the price tag they will no doubt put on this game. Yes this game is crap plain and simple. But piracy like always is going to be the excuse why sales are down and not the reason. It's so much easier to blame piracy than to admit you have a company full of lame devs. WTG Sega another one bites the dust.
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Adam on 04/27/10 10:20:03
All movie games suck because the deadline to release a game with it's movie is not nearly enough time to make a quality game. Great games take years to make, and when you are following a movie script, you can't really get a head start on anything.
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njr on 04/27/10 07:05:35
IRON MAN 2: THE MOVIE: THE GAME All movie games should have that as a subtiutle, they're all generic and shitty anyway
id: 493
Khan on 04/27/10 04:23:33
Eeeh Iron man wasn't a great game but I had fun with it. And I doubt pirates are looking for qualitiy games, they propably play about every game sucky or not
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RobJ on 04/26/10 22:18:39
Nicely done blogger What is more important, Playing Iron Man 2 or wasting a $1.50 blank disc Classic, another crappy video game movie bites the dust i don't even know if video game movies make money, they must if they keep creating them i hope toy story 3 is crap but it has to make big impressions not like crappy avatar game
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ooga booga bitch on 04/26/10 21:03:07
Achievement whores will dl this :)
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over 9000 on 04/26/10 18:48:36
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Walter on 04/26/10 18:33:44
@xino Nope, that's not what he was suggesting at all. Nice try, and thanks for playing!
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O.G. on 04/26/10 18:16:34
I simply suggest that in comparison, pirates may hold off burning this game considering the track record.
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xino on 04/26/10 17:31:09
lol...because Iron Man video game sucked, you suggest pirates will not care for Iron Man