Pokemon Black and White Coming Out in the Fall 2010

Love them or hate them, Pokemon is certainly not a bad after the long run its had. While still riding the very successful release of HeartGold and SoulSliver, Nintendo has just launch a flash website with a picture of two different logos. One black, the other white.

Once the site went live, the first thing to come to people minds was Michael Jackson. So the uses of the color schemes and the possible translation of the names of two new Pokemon games made people think of Michael Jackson? Okay maybe not. The site roughly translates to this:

Determined completely new series released this fall! Pokettomonsutaburakku, Pokettomonsutahowaito next, April 15 (Thursday) announced the new information? Release Date: Fall 2010 Expected retail price: TBD Genre: RPG Hard: Nintendo

It seems that next week is when we'll get more info on the game from Nintendo, and the release is for Fall 2010. Pokemon masters who still haven’t gotten tired of the series have something to look forward to next week, and leading on into E3.

Pokemon Black and White Teaser Site

- Mike V.

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poke FrEaK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 04/19/10 17:50:15
YAY YA YAY YAY YA YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id: 439
Claymaker on 04/09/10 14:46:13
GOING DOWN HILL!?! yeah right. if it was so unpopular they'd be selling less pokemon games, not more. Every three or so years we get a new generation and in that time new little kiddies discover the wonderfull world of pokemon, it's all new and fresh to them, they get hooked, the cycle continues. I'm 21 and still adicted!
id: 438
EBX on 04/09/10 14:08:32
id: 437
EBX on 04/09/10 14:07:04
Zell u r a noob
id: 436
supermarioex (youtube) on 04/09/10 13:23:23
I hate it when companies milk a great game, I would prefer they wait till the next main Nintendo Handheld to release the new pokemon game and this time (pains me to say it) make it the last set of games, release 3 Pokemon games and be done with it and if people want more then bring another one out for the NEXT console. I wish they would stop doing remakes.
id: 434
t5 on 04/09/10 08:52:14
terther - can't wait for this. I love the Pokémon series even though its been going downhill for some time.
id: 432
Zell the PokeLegend on 04/09/10 08:39:11
Awesome, I cant wait to pwn noobies