5 Hottest Cosplayers From Anime Boston

Anime Boston had some great events. We covered the Nobuo Uematsu QA Panel and have some great footage. But we all know what we really want to check out when we go to anime conventions: cosplayers. You have to admit it, cosplayers are sexy in a way. They satisfy those nerd dreams a lot of us have, so let's look at some of the hottest cosplayers that showed up to Anime Boston.

#1 Sailor Moon

#2 Lara Croft

#3 Lara Croft...again

#4 Rogue

#5 Tifa

Honorable Mention: Silent Hill Nurse and Left 4 Dead Witch

Honorable Mention #2: Hot Chick and Misty. You may want to not focus on Misty

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id: 421
UhOh on 04/08/10 08:18:36
Definitely...Tifa is actually a cutie......the others...not so much
id: 420
Tapewurm on 04/08/10 08:16:48
Tifa should be numero 1
id: 418
shadow_moses on 04/08/10 07:01:17
lol, really? this is sad. and tifa is a dog. this is like the special olympics of cosplay.
id: 417
justin on 04/08/10 05:32:44
meagan vanburkleo is hot, just sayin
id: 416
Tesh on 04/08/10 05:19:51
I was there that weekend as a coincidence. It was a fugly crowd. A lot of hunch back...
id: 415
fdffd on 04/08/10 04:53:26
Fugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id: 414
Murphy on 04/08/10 02:53:04
Christ misty is hot !!!! I like anime conventions.
id: 413
Get Real on 04/08/10 02:03:35
Umm... If they are the top 5 hottest cosplays in Boston I'd leave town.
id: 412
MWH on 04/08/10 01:17:55
HD Ugly
id: 411
Bandcoot on 04/07/10 23:45:44
The Tifa cosplayer isn't so bad actually.
id: 410
RavenWolfx on 04/07/10 23:29:52
Talk about some dogs...
id: 409
ooooob on 04/07/10 23:03:28
id like to see that last one uncensored =P
id: 408
bob on 04/07/10 22:54:44
HAHAH..all of these chicks are disgusting except Tifa and you ranked her 5. Youre number 1 honestly looks like a guy. This list sucks, and I was in Bostont he day of this fagfest
id: 407
Bradley on 04/07/10 22:52:18
Lara Croft #1 is pretty good!