Anime Boston: Nobuo Uematsu QA Panel

At Anime Boston, famous Final Fantasy composer and video game music icon, Nobuo Uematsu, took questions from the fans. Some of the questions included what his favorite Final Fantasy game was to make music for and play, how legendary Final Fantasy Prelude was made in five minutes, and his initial aspirations to go to college in the U.S. As you watch the videos, you can hear the quivering voice of fans who sound like they're seconds away from breaking down on the floor. It goes to show how powerful video game music is.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Mark Haze on 04/05/10 00:29:53
By the way ORIGINAL-GAMER...thank you for being there to record this. Yesterday I was so tired from lack of sleep, that i remembered most the questions and answers but not everything that was said. Just things that stuck out. TO ME, my favourite parts were when Nabuo explained that EVERYONE at the convention are doing the right thing by being themselves, or who they choose to be, not mimicking others...and thats what people need to do when deciding on their future (I basically grew up with that advice and hearing him say it made it even clearer)..... AND, his final words which was extremely touching..about how his father is 83 and was once a soldier fighting America, and NOW, Mr. Uematsu is sitting with a group of fans and having peaceful conversations about everything BUT WAR. (honestly im suprised i didnt get any tears after he said that, because words like that are just beautiful and honest). ***Thanks AGAIN for the videos!!!***
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Mark Haze on 04/05/10 00:20:52
Yea I agree with Ry on the "Blah" part was still fun but not nearly as exciting as THIS ONE. I ended up asking the question of "Now that we know your fav. FF game to compose was 6...WHAT was your fav. FF game to PLAY" lol (I was pretty nervous so I barely even heard what I said myself LOL) I was going to ask 2 different questions but at the last minute I went with that one. (at the 2nd Panel...the BIGGEST highlight was probably when someone asked the 2 "other guys" a question....and FIRST, the translator didnt say anything because they knew English, THEN she asked "im sorry what did you ask again, i thought they would answer!" she translates English TO Japanese, and the man answered in English LOL that was hilarious) They all seemed like good people.
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Oliver Surpless on 04/04/10 21:33:09
I thought about going to the 2nd panel as well, but you know, cosplay chess was on! How were the questions there?
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Ry on 04/04/10 17:08:26
Blah..I went to the second one not as many people