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It doesn't matter how you get your Gjallarhorn
Posted on August 16, 2015 by Justin Hernandez

Destiny has seen its share of ups and downs. From the amazingly unbalanced Vex Mythoclast Fusion Rifle to its poor story, players have had plenty of reasons to trash the game. And now, the ultimate storm of garbage has landed. The Destiny community lost its mind when the Gjallarhorn, an exotic and highly sought after rocket launcher, was put on sale by Agent of the Nine and all around good guy, Xür.

You’d think that all this complaining was about something important. Nope. It's just a moment where the developers decided to put everyone on the same page, and oh boy, are the “best players” upset about not being that special anymore.

When Xür comes around, it can feel like Christmas. With his usual goods, including exotic gear and weapons (unique and borderline overpowered gear), he is expected by all every weekend. He seldomly brings what you want and always brings what you already have. Or at least that is what it feels like.  

I got my Gjallarhorn from Prison of Elders. First, I had to find a treasure key, then I had to find a team who was good enough to go through level 32 PoE. I must have ran PoE maybe 20 times, and not every time with the treasure key required for epic loot. It was late one night, and I was getting pretty tired. Once we downed Urdok like we've done many times, we rushed downstairs to open the chest. I was elated when I won the Gjallarhorn after all this time. None of my friends had it, and honestly that made it feel sweeter. 

Excitement over getting a Gjallarhorn is so ridiculous that there's even a top five video featuring the over-the-top reactions from players:

Then this weekend, the Internet exploded with two sides of the argument. On one hand, we had those who claim they earned their Gjallarhorn. On the other, we had those who bought it who said it didn't matter.

The question then becomes why did Bungie make the Gjallarhorn so hard to get?

Early in the game's life, Xür brought us the Gjallarhorn on one of his first visits to the Tower. This was so early in the life of the game that almost nobody could afford it. That was the last time we have seen this rocket launcher for sale.

The exotic weapon has been lost to RNG since the game started. It's always been the hardest weapon to get a hold of and people were left in awe when seeing one. I think that's where the sour feelings come from. It used to mean something to have a Gjallarhorn, but now some people feel that buying it cheapens the experience of having one.

All this controversy is all for naught as the Gjallarhorn is about to be hit by the nerf hammer. It seems that with the rising numbers of guardians who have this weapon has caught Bungie's attention.

For those who are unfamiliar with the weapon, the main aspect that attracts most users are the wolf pack rounds. This special modifier causes the round to explode into several smaller rounds. So you had the initial explosive damage from it, followed by eight rounds that can do up to the same damage of the initial explosion. This Gjallarhorn is the reason why Skolas, currently the hardest boss of the game, has been made so difficult. Without the elemental burns, Skolas is pretty damn difficult even with Gjallarhorn.

It doesn't matter how you got this weapon. Whether you bought it or you won it, the fact is you have it. With the nerf right around the corner and a new expansion, what does it matter? Besides, according to each "elite" player out there on the Looking for Group pages,“ only good players have Gjallarhorn”. So now consider yourself one of the good players. Don't listen to the haters who want to bring you down. Once The Taking King comes out, maybe we'll have a new weapon to drool over.

Justin Hernandez - Staff Writer justin (@) | all author's articles

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Tom Clancy's The Division
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Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
MLB The Show 16
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