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If you don’t play as Nova in Heroes of the Storm, you’re an idiot
Posted on June 09, 2015 by Justin Hernandez

Let me start off by saying that Nova is one of the best characters in Heroes of the Storm.

Now you may be asking, “Why would I use Nova? She’s squishy and dies too easily.” Don’t worry, you’ll understand why I said that soon enough.  

I have had more triple kills with Nova than I have with any other hero. Her ability to move in and around the battlefield is her best feature of everything. It’s that maneuverability that makes her such a prize on the team.

Playing Nova requires a little finesse. Position up with a beefy teammate and camp for that reckless player on the opposing team. With her being a ranged assassin, sniping is her strongest base ability. She isn’t physically tough, but she can be hard to hit.

With Nova being a Ghost unit from StarCraft, it baffles me how people try to use her as a brawny, pushy character. Her cooldowns make her a better force to be heard and not seen. It would make sense for a hit and run style, right?

Hit and run tactics are where it’s at for Nova. That doesn’t mean that you can’t toy with your targets. The best ability for this is her Decoy talents. Watching the other team frantically use abilities in hopes of scoring an easy kill is awesome. This is only made better when your talents give your decoys damaging abilities. It’s a spider in the web technique. Coordinating with your team to draw in an over eager hero can lead to a tip of the scales in your team’s favor.

Nova should be played as the sleek assassin that she is. With cloaking as an automatic effect, this can set her up for some amazing plays. It does require timing, but once you get your groove, you will be the life (or death) of the party. I have too much fun with this particular setup. I prefer to skulk around and pick up fights rather than agitate or push. She is especially lethal while camping map objectives and waiting for her prey to let their guard down.

Of course, sneaking and hunting requires movement and it can be easy to forget where you are. Spatial awareness is a must because even with stealth you still shimmer. This position identifier is not easy to see, but you can train your eyes to see it.  

Camping too far beyond your control could be a quick way to meet the graveyard. So just stick to picking off over aggressive Illidans and Sonyas who think they are invincible. With other powerful heroes, you can't afford to be caught out of position.

Will I say that Nova is the best of all time? No, that would be too presumptuous. With the game barely officially released, there is room for a nerf or patch. There is no denying that Nova is at her best right now, though. With a game full of so many awesome characters, she gets overlooked.

There is also a lot of Nova hate online and I think it's because people don't know how to use her.

People need to stop pushing solo lanes with her and just run and support struggling lanes. I see someone agitate Arthas or Diablo and they just can’t produce the amount of damage. Know thyself, know thy enemy and a thousand battles shall lead to a thousand victories.

In capable hands, Nova is a terror that should be destroyed on site. Problem is, in the hands of a good player, you won’t even see her coming.

Here are the builds that I talked about. The talent calculator is awesome, but remember that best build is what you can make work.

Triple Tap Triple Play

Nova Decoy


Justin Hernandez - Staff Writer justin (@) | all author's articles

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Killer Instinct Season 3
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