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PAX South Tour Guide Pt. 3 - Quick Tips
Posted on January 21, 2015 by Oscar Gonzalez

(Being that San Antonio is the home of, we feel that it's our obligation to offer some guidance those traveling to San Antonio for PAX South about this great city. Read part 1 and part 2 of our tour guide of things to do downtown.) 


So far we’ve told you what to do in San Antonio as well as where to eat and drink while at PAX South. Now we have a few quick tips for those traveling to our great city.  

  • When you arrive in San Antonio International Airport, you have a few options on how to get downtown. Depending on your hotel, there may be a hotel shuttle that’s available to you. The City of San Antonio does provide a shuttle service called GO Airport Shuttle that starts at $19. These shuttles will take you to hotels in the downtown area, and you can buy tickets online. Fair warning, the reviews of the GO Airport Shuttle have been less than stellar as of late. If there’s no hotel shuttle, Uber and Lyft drivers can make arrangements to pick you up, which will cost around $20-30 per their fare estimates. Taxis will cost a little, at least $30 a ride.  Finally, if all else fails, you can take the #5 Via bus to take you downtown, although it will take some time, but you’ll only have to pay $1.20.
  • If you have a car and plan to park near the Convention Center, there are multiple parking lots two blocks away at Crocket St. and Bowie St. where you can park for a reasponable price. The Convention Center parking lot fills up quickly as well as the Marina parking garage that is across the street from the Convention Center. Avoid the Rivercenter Mall parking garage for any parking longer than a couple of hours.
  • Those staying right next to the Convention Center and in need of some quick supplies can go to Time Out Corner Store in Rivercenter Mall. There’s also a 7-Eleven, CVS, and Walgreens located about a mile away west of the Convention Center on West Commerce.
  • As for San Antonio, the weather is going to be a little chilly. Well chilly for us San Antonio folks while this maybe summer time weather for those coming from the far north. Thursday is going to wet and cold, low of 38 degrees and high of 55. Friday is going to be similar while Saturday and Sunday will have the temperatures at around mid-60s for a high and around the 40s for a low.
  • Speaking of weather, it’s allergy season in South Texas. The rain may clean out most of the pollen in the air, but bring some allergy medication with you or pick some up at the various convenience stores I listed above.
  • For the older crowd that want to throw their own party in their hotel room, there’s a liquor store located right in the center of downtown. River Walk Wines & Spirits is at 412 E. Commerce. Whether it’s beer, wine or hard liquor, you can purchase some libations here for your own after party.
  • Cell phone data service at the Convention Center is bad. Real bad. Some carriers may be worse than another, but it’s still pretty bad all around when there’s a bit event happening. Once the crowds lighten up, your data services should be up and running without a hitch.
  • If you want to do a little geek exploring before PAX South starts, you can visit Ultra Arcade. You can pay some classic arcade games or enjoy some console/PC games. They also offer some snacks if you’re feeling a little hungry. Not far away from Ultra Arcade is the recently opened RikRic Otaku Café. You can enjoy some more arcade games here, check out some anime merchandise and enjoy some Japanese snacks.

Once again, as San Antonio natives we hope that our advice helped out those visiting our great city for PAX South. 


Oscar Gonzalez - Editor-in-Chief og (@) | all author's articles

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