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Gear Review: CronusMAX
Posted on April 04, 2014 by Oscar Gonzalez

Being on a site that reviews a variety of hardware, I've received some great accessories for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Two that I use on a regular basis are the MLG Pro Controller and the Eightarc fight stick. Like many people, I was annoyed when word came that the Xbox One would not work with the Xbox 360 accessories. Luckily, those that have their favorite controller or fight sticks can now use those accessories on the Xbox One thanks to the CronusMAX. 


Works With Almost Everything - I first heard about the CronusMAX when people were figuring out how they could use their last gen fight sticks rather than having to retire them and buy new ones. One device that kept coming up with the CronusMAX. The device converts the inputs from a variety of controllers - DualShock controllers, Xbox 360 controllers, fight sticks, keyboard and mouse, even controllers for the Wii - into an input that the new consoles, older consoles and PC will recognize. To configure the different controllers, you have to use the software found on the site. You can even set up multiple profiles on the CronusMAX so you can jump from one controller to another. There are even options for macros and rapid fire for those that, you know, are dirty cheaters. So for those that prefer a certain controller or fight stick and want to use it on whichever console they play, the CronusMAX will take care of it.

No Lag - Input lag is a big deal with converters. On fighting game message boards, like the ones at, converters are brought up all the time because some players have a fight stick for a console that's not being used at a tournament. Some tournaments use PS3s, which can suck for a player that only has an Xbox 360 stick or vice versa, and a converter is a preferred option rather than buying another stick or having a stick dual modded. The big question when it comes to these converters is whether they have input lag. In my time with the CronusMAX, I didn't see any lag. Every input went as quick on the Xbox One as it did on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Now Killer Instinct doesn't have the 1 or 2 frame links that Street Fighter IV has so those elite players that can tell even the tiniest bit of lag may notice the smallest of delays, but for me, there was no lag.  


Do What Now? - The review sample I received came by itself with no retail box, but that's not a big deal since I'm not one in need of extra clutter in my house. However, when I went online to get the instructions on how to actually use the CronusMAX, I couldn't make sense of the instructions provided. I was looking for a simple step-by-step guide to get me up and running, but to no avail. Instead, I had to go to YouTube and check out some videos showing how to setup the device (see above). Once I followed the setup on the video, it was incredibly easy to go back and forth between controllers. On the ControllerMAX official forums, there is a step-by-step process, but watching the how-to videos will make the setup much easier.

Little Pricey - At a price of $59.99, the Cronus Max is a bit of a commitment. For the price of an official controller for the Xbox One, for example, you're saying that you would rather make use of all the other controllers in your possession first. Some people have no problem dropping the $60 and will buy a Cronus Max without a second thought. Other people will have to debate a bit and figure if it's really worth it. I know for me, once I played some games of Killer Instinct with my fight stick and the CronusMAX, I loved that I was finally done with that Xbox One controller and I started to win more matches. Unfortunately, I came to realize that I wasn't playing Killer Instinct that much. Since I don't mind the Xbox One controller for every other genre, it didn't make much sense to keep the CronusMAX plugged into the Xbox One. That's me, but that's much different than other gamers who take their controllers very seriously. 

If you're in love with a controller or fight stick, and you want to use it on whatever console you play, the Cronus Max is perfect for you. It handles a variety of controllers, works for a variety of consoles and does it well. For those not obsessed with a particular controller and can adapt to whatever controller is available on that console, then you'll see no need for the Cronus Max.

You can purchase the CronusMAX at the ControllerMAX website and other retailers

*This review was based on a review sample provided by the manufacturer.

Oscar Gonzalez - Editor-in-Chief og (@) | all author's articles

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