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PAX East 2013: 343 Industries and Halo 4's last map pack
Posted on March 25, 2013 by Drew Bergmark

A week before PAX East, we got word that 343 Industries, who now helm the Halo franchise, was going to bring the Castle Map Pack to the show floor for fans to play. While I haven't seen any footage show up on YouTube from this weekend, I'm sure it'll be floating around during the week as con-goers are probably taking heavy medicine so they don't get sick. Until these videos of Perdidition, Daybreak and Outcast come out, 343 has us covered with two recaps of the weekend.

The first video that was posted Saturday highlights how the convention started and what they'll be bringing for fans to check out. Late Sunday night on Halo Waypoint's YouTube page, Jessica Shea broke down how the weekend went with all of the content they were able to show off in a second recap video. From showing off the user-interface with the new Competitive Skill Rank that will be launching alongside the map pack to the reveal of Forge Island, there is a lot coming out of Halo 4 within the next month and we'll be keeping you guys on top of what you need to know about it.

For 343 Industries, the biggest part of the weekend was their PAX East panel which was on Friday afternoon and featured former Halo pro Andy 'Bravo' Dudynsky and Rooster Teeth's Bernie Burns. To check out the recaps, you can clip the links above or you can watch the panel below. If you want more information on what was revealed at the panel, I'll list it underneath the video.

Competitive Skill Rank

  • For the first time since Halo 3, skill ranking will finally return giving competitive and casual gamers a better balance of skill in matchmaking.
  • Unfortunately, the ranks won't be visable in game probably to avoid typical teasing or people seeing a rank 50 to just quit out seconds later.
  • CSR will reset at an unannounced amount of time in order to prevent account boosting and selling while keeping players on a consistant skill basis.


  • Forge Island has been announced and will be free to downlnoad on April 11th for free. The new map will include three islands (large, medium and arena style small) in order to offer gamers the chance to create a unique experience without having to struggle with lag that was prevelant in Halo: Reach's Force World.
  • There won't be any improvements to forge for Halo 4 as 343 and Certain Affinity will be working towards the map editor in future Halo games.

General Updates

  • DMR receiving a 'rebalance'. This probably means that it'll be nerfed. For those who haven't played Halo games in the past, the long-range weapons have never been extremely accurate other than the sniper and rockets until Halo 4 when the DMR became the strongest non-power weapon.
  • The deceased allies 'X' will return. Those whoe played the original Halo games whether on LAN or on the early days of Xbox Live (or Xbox Connect), you probably have called out an opponents position as 'on my X'.
  • Currently, objective items like the oddball and flag will still be an automatic pickup in general matchmaking instead of picking it up with the X button which is a customs game option.
  • 343 has clarified that descoping won't be coming to Halo 4. Getting bumped out of scope has been a competitive feature for Halo since the original game but instead players will recieve a flinch causing your perfect shot to get knocked out of alignment.
  • The Gauss Hog turrent will be nerfed. Thing was so OP(overpowered)!
  • Multi-team will be return with 6 teams of two players and will require the Castle map pack and other previous DLC.
Drew Bergmark - Staff Writer viggo (@) | all author's articles

What's your most anticipated game for March?

Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation
Tom Clancy's The Division
EA Sports UFC 2
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
MLB The Show 16
Pokken Tournament
Killer Instinct Season 3
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