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Gear Review: AK Striker
Posted on February 23, 2013 by

On-the-rail shooters found their way to consoles en masse this gen thanks to motion gaming. Accessory companies have been trying to capitalize on this genre by designing all sorts of plastic guns so gamers can get a more arcade feel while playing. From the futuristic looking to just an empty plastic shell, companies either try too hard or don’t try at all. Hyperkin saw this as an opportunity to create something that only looked cool, but was also functional as well. This led to the AK Striker from Hyperkin for use with the Move.


Sturdy Design - From my experience with gun accessories, I’ve found that they tend to be weirdly designed. Some accessory makers go to lengths to make sure the gun doesn’t look like a gun at all to appease parents. Being a much older customer, I appreciate when companies take the time to make their gun accessories look similar to their real-life counterparts. Hyperkin’s AK Striker fits that bill. It has a sturdy hard plastic design that can handle heavy use. It’s not too heavy, but has enough weight to it that it doesn’t feel like a cheap toy. Modeling the gun after the iconic AK-47 also makes it familiar for gamers that play a lot of shooter games.

Comfortable Button/Controller Placement - A problem I have with most gun accessories is that the button/controller placements can feel uncomfortable when trying to play a shooter. Either the on-board buttons are too bunched up together or the cradles for the Move controllers are too far apart for a proper grip. There is also the issue of most controllers not being left-handed friendly. With the AK Striker the on-board face buttons are evenly spaced for proper use. The cradles for the Move controllers have a good enough distance between them so that a proper grip is possible for both left and right-handed players. The AK Striker also has additional buttons to take the place of the trigger, start and select buttons. It also has a detachable butt stock t to add more stability when hold the Striker for a period of time or to change it to a SMG for single hand use.

Works Well With On-Rail and Sony Games - The AK Striker looks cool, but does it work as good as it looks? Yes, but to a certain degree. Arcade on-the-rail shooters such as the House of the Dead, Ghost Squad, Time Crisis, and others work very well. As for games that require more movement, I found that Sony made games such as the Killzone Trilogy and Resistance 3, as well as a few third party games like Portal 2 and Counter Strike Global Ops also worked very when using the AK Striker.


A Small Strap - The strap that comes with the Striker is a bit small when trying to sling it on my shoulder. I’m a pretty sizable guy so something small wouldn’t fit on me, but when my brother, who is a lot slimmer than me, tried to sling it on to his shoulder it didn’t fit him either.  It’s a small cosmetic complaint that can be easily solved by getting a bigger strap.

Doesn’t Work With Most Games - I’m going to chalk this up on the games not being fully designed for the Move. Games like Resident Evil 5, Modern Warfare 3, 007 Legends and a few other games all had troubles when used with the AK Striker. While moving around was no problem, it was aiming down the sights and trying to strafe around that cause some issues. These games had felt like the Move functions were thrown in as an afterthought so it’s not the fault of the accessory, however, this does mean that just because a game can be used with the Move doesn’t mean it should be used with the Move.



Here’s the thing, a majority of gamers don’t really like motion controls, even if it does happen to work. That’s not Hyperkin’s or any other accessory maker’s fault. Hyperkin and its AK Striker however do manage to make the bland looking Move controllers into something really cool for $34.99. The placement of the Move controllers was comfortable enough to provide proper movement. This allows it not only be functional but also have a very cool design.

The only downsides are that some games that are not Sony branded or are not arcade on-the-rail shooters will not work properly, and that the strap is a bit on the small side. Other than that, the AK Striker is a novelty accessory that I don’t see the serious pro picking up but someone who likes arcade shooters should look into getting one.

*This review was based on a review sample provided by the manufacturer.

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