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Facts for Sony's 'PlayStation 2013' event
Posted on February 20, 2013 by Drew Bergmark

Today before the Sony press conference, I expect more rumors than ever to float around about what gamers expect to see at the conference. Instead of resorting to posting my thoughts, I'm just going to post facts so you can anticipate what we should being seeing tonight.

The last time Sony hosted an event outside of a convention, we were introduced to the NGP which we all know better as the PS Vita now. The event was hosted in Japan where mobile technology sales are in excess by comparing currency trade per customer as to the American consumer so it was logical for Sony to reveal a mobile device in Japan. Tonight's event is hosted in the US, New York City to be exact, where the majority of the international console market pins their target demographic. There are multiple inside reports suggesting that the PlayStation 4 will be announced tonight but as there isn't any confirmation of this from any sources that I know I'm not going to theorize the same conclusion.

Since yesterday, first-party and third-party developers have tweeted out about their studio being represented in one way or another at tonight's press conference. Sony Santa Monica suggested that Pandora's Box might open live on stage. VG247 reports that this could mean there will be a God of War 4 announcement for the PlayStation 4. Perhaps, Kratos will just be there to show off Ascension one last time before its March release in three weeks but Ascension has already built up enough hype with the Super Bowl commercial.

Jonathan Morin of Ubisoft Montreal said something about his hotel in New York. Jonathan is the Creative Director for E3 2012's surprise hit: Watch Dogs. Last week, Kotaku leaked Best Buy promos featuring a holiday 2013 release date for 'all home consoles' for the Ubisoft title. Nothing has been seen of the game since E3 last year so maybe Sony might want to use the enthusiasm of fans to proliferate for any other announcements made at the press conference.

Adding into the anticipation of GameStop's CEO, J. Paul Raines, and Michael Pachter, DICE Lead Gameplay Designer Gustav Halling tweeted saying that tonight starts the fourth generation of consoles. Michael Pachter and Mr. Raines released statements earlier today praising a 'behind closed doors' demo for Battlefield 4. Both individuals will be unable to attend the press conference leading me to believe that we could see Battlefield 4 in action tonight. To continue speculation about a new PlayStation console announcement, Gustav clarified that the fourth generation consoles would include anything we haven't officially heard about yet (plus the Wii U).

There have also been sightings of Marty O'Donnell, who is composing the score for Bungie's new game Destiny, and Epic Games vice president Mark Rein. Whether any of these individuals are coming to bring unseen content, we are unsure, but all of us here at are excited to see what Sony has to offer; at least, I am. We'll be bringing news as soon as it is released and be updating it to bring comprehensive coverage of the press conference from New York City.

Drew Bergmark - Staff Writer viggo (@) | all author's articles

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Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation
Tom Clancy's The Division
EA Sports UFC 2
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
MLB The Show 16
Pokken Tournament
Killer Instinct Season 3
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