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Microsoft plans to stop XNA support for indie developers
Posted on February 02, 2013 by Drew Bergmark

Started in December of 2006 by Microsoft to give indie developers tools to create indie games for the Xbox 360, XNA Game Studio revolutionized how indie developers could get their games out to the masses. Instead of shooting their games out to small game blogs or hoping to get some kind of small publishing deal, Microsoft gave indie devs a chance to make something without having to spend a lot yet get a larger audience than what they'd get for publishing the game on their private servers. According to an email supplied to CVG, the team behind XNA isn't continuing future updates for the product as on the 1st of April 2014 the service will be retired from the MVP Award Program.

Rumors over the last two weeks have sprung up as developers with licenses to the product and Xbox Live Indie Games were contacted that something like this could happen. Unfortunately, there is a story behind it as a XNA source to CVG has reported that if there isn't enough support for XNA Games Studio, then there might not be a new program for the next system. As the Indie Game marketplace was littered with remakes of other titles, it's understandable to see why Microsoft would feel this way but such developers could move to other platforms to seek their needs to sell their games.

For those who don't know much about the developer product and service, here is a little bit of information. In February of 2008, the program was renamed to Xbox Live Community Games which has then again in November of that same year was renamed to what it is known as today: Xbox Live Indie Games. Several popular titles were built off of XNA that gains industry prominance within the last few years: Bastion, Fez, FortressCraft and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES!!1.

Source: CVG

Drew Bergmark - Staff Writer viggo (@) | all author's articles

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