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KoF XIII tournament at Revelations 2012 cancelled by players due to pot money dispute
Posted on August 19, 2012 by Oscar Gonzalez

Revelations 2012, a major fighting game tournament taking place in Santa Monica this year, is underway this weeknd featuring some of the best players in the U.S. including Justin Wong, Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez, and Ricky Ortiz.  One game, King of Fighters XIII, will not have a tournament played this year due to players walking out after the tournament organizer, John Nelson of Tournament Legacy, was unable to confirm that there was going to be a $3000 guaranteed pot as advertised.

King of Fighters XIII player, Oscar "The Answer" Oyarzabal, Nelson, explained the events during a stream on his Twitch channel, TheAnswerKOF(video below).   Four to five weeks ago, Nelson contacted Oyarzabal regarding putting on a KOF XIII tournament at Revelations 2012, stating that there would be a guaranteed pot of $3000-5000.  Oyarzabal agreed to help promote and run the KOF XIII tournament saying him and other players can gather 40-50 players to compete in the tournament.  Nelson agreed, and made the guaranteed pot for the event $3000. 

Details of the event start at 42:17


Saturday morning, Oyarzabal was told by tournament staff that there would not be an adequate numbers of consoles to run the tournament properly.  Oyarzabal went on to explain that while he would not have a problem getting others players to provide the ideal amount of consoles and monitors to run the tournament smoothly, his concern was whether the $3000 guaranteed pot would actually be paid.  When he questioned Nelson about the guaranteed pot, Nelson first asked how many players were in the tournament.  At that time, Oyarzabal said approximately 40 players had been signed up for the tournament, however, there had been no minimum entry requirements laid out by Nelson.  When asked again, Nelson answered that they would have to wait till Sunday to discuss it. 

After speaking with other players regarding this dilemma, Oyarzabal asked Nelson on whether the KOF players, who had already paid their tournament entry fees, would be able to get a refund on fees.  Nelson replied that they would have to talk about it on Monday.  At that point, Oyarzabal and other players had decided that between the two options of running the tournament and possibly receiving the guaranteed pot or not play in the tournament so that they could get a refund, the group choose the latter.  After some attempts to resolve this matter by other people at the event, Nelson still did not confirm that there would be a guaranteed pot for the KOF XIII tournament resulting in the KOF XIII players in attendance to leave thus cancelling the tournament. 

Oyarzabal did accuse Tournament Legacy and Nelson of reducing the guaranteed pot of the Street Fighter X Tekken tournament, from $5000 to $500, however that was denied by Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez who was commenting on the final Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches of the day on the Revelations stream on the Team Hazmat Twitch channel.  Ramirez, who made the final 8 for Street Fighter X Tekken, said that that the guaranteed pot of $5000 was still in effect for Street Fighter X Tekken.   

Although there has been no confirmation of the $3000 guaranteed pot from Tournament Legacy or John Nelson, it was confirmed on the official Tournament Legacy Twitter account that players that paid for entry in to the KOF XIII tournament would be getting refunds: 

Tournament Legacy Twitter says they will give refunds to KOF players


We did reach out to Tournament Legacy via Twitter, but have yet to receive a response.

The final matches for Revelations 2012 will be shown on the Team Hazmat Twitch channel later today.



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