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Toy Soldiers: Cold War Napalm DLC Review
Posted on May 14, 2012 by Jack

‘Napalm’ is the second of two DLC packs released for Toy Soldiers: Cold War, and tasks players with taking on the role of American defenders against Vietnamese Communists, instead of the Soviet Communists of the original game. Toy Soldiers: Cold War was awarded a 9 out of 10 when it was released last year, so does ‘Napalm’ do its part to make the Cold War hot?

(SOUTH-EAST) Asian Vacation

A Different Front - Similar to Evil Empire, Napalm offers up a selection of new units and barrages, such as the ‘Lazer Tank’, which does pretty much what you’d expect (fire lasers), and the Call of Duty-esque AC-130 flyby. Of course, you’re also allowed a napalm air-strike, as you can’t have a Vietnam-based conflict simulation without the defining weapon of that war. Also, Napalm has you fighting against the Vietnamese instead of the Soviets, although this disappointingly has little influence on tactics.

Tactical Warfare - Although Napalm only offers up three levels, the situations that present themselves in each is fairly interesting. Perhaps the most unique is one where you have three (instead of the usual one) toyboxes to defend, with the enemy surrounding you on all sides. This level was one of the more frantic and satisfying from the game, and it was nice to see the developers try something new. 


Dreams of Home - In a similar complaint to the ‘Evil Empire’ pack, it was disappointing that Napalm only offers up three levels, and that each of these rarely ventured from either the visuals or the gameplay of the original game. Even the one-level variation in Evil Empire isn’t present here, and you don’t have the new selection of units present with the Soviet forces either.


Napalm is more of a straight-up continuation of the main campaign from Toy Soldiers: Cold War than the Evil Empire pack, seeing as how you continue to fight as the Americans. Unfortunately, this means that the slight variation seen in Evil Empire is even slighter here, with only miniscule touches to make this different from the core game. If you are desperate for more Toy Soldiers, then I would suggest Evil Empire as your best bet, as Napalm doesn’t really offer up anything that you couldn’t find in the main campaign.

*This review was based on the Xbox 360 version of the game with a review code provided by the publisher.*

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