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Player forfeits Cross Assault reality show due to possible harassment from coach
Posted on February 28, 2012 by Oscar Gonzalez

Capcom’s reality show, Cross Assault, reached a true level of reality last night when one contestant, Miranda “Super Yan” Pakozdi, decided to forfeit her match due to her issues with Team Tekken coach, Aris Bakhtanians

Last night’s challenge was for two-person teams from Team Tekken and Team Street Fighter to face-off against each other in Street Fighter X Tekken’s Scramble mode where four players fight at the same time. When Pakozdi was called for her match with her teammate DMG Rene “Kor” Maistry, the Evo 2011 Tekken 6 champion, it was then that she decided to forfeit the match. 

At that point, Capcom Senior Product Manager and host of Cross Assault, Matt Dahlgren, began reviewing the players' contracts regarding forfeiting matches. Specifically, he was looking for whether players would be kicked off from the show automatically and who would win points for the challenge. Dahlgren made the decision that the Maistry and Pakozdi would have to play their matches against those players where the results of the match actually influenced the point rankings while other unimportant matches had the opposing team receive an automatic win.

Things got a little light-hearted when Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken Producer, Yoshinori Ono, showed up dressed as Blanka:   

Yohinori Ono dressed up as Blanka

Maistry and Pakozdi did play their two matches that they lost 0-6. When up for the Elimination Match against Team Street Fighter’s John "Dr. Sub Zero" Doberne, she made the choice to forfeit her match.  In a true gentleman’s act, Doberne gave the prizes for winning the Elimination match to her. Pakozdi will be on the show for tonight’s episode of Cross Assault, but in what fashion things will work out tonight still remains to be seen. 

For those unfamiliar with the show, Cross Assault is a show where players were selected to compete against each in Street Fighter X Tekken. Players of Team Street Fighter are coached by fighting game legend Alex Valle, and Team Tekken is coached by Tekken and Soul Calibur pro, Aris Bakhtanians, who I interviewed for the site. Each day, players practice and then complete challenges in Street Fighter X Tekken, with the players that perform the worse on both teams face-off against each other in an Elimination Match where the loser would have to wear a “Pink Salty Shirt” and force to change teams. The Cross Assault finals will take place during the Final Round XV tournament this weekend, with the winner receiving $25,000.

Pakozdi explained her decision to forfeit on her Twitter page, stating that issues she had with Bakhtanians, who is known to have no filter and be a little touchy with the "ladies", came after days of comments made by him during the show:


Cross Asasult Miranda Pakozi SuperYan Aris


Cross Assault Miranda Pakozdi Superyan Aris


Cross Assault Super Yan Miranda Pazdi

Pakozdi also replied to fighting game legend Mike Watson via his Twitter account, @SuperDojo, regarding comments made to her by Bakhtanians:

Cross Assault Miranda Pakozi Super Yan Super Dojo Mike Watson

Pakozdi has received her share of support from the fighting game community who contend that someone feeling uncomfortable is within their rights to remove themselves from the situation, although many are questioning the decision to give up the chance at $25,000.

You can watch all the events unwind on the Cross Assault video page on the Capcom Unity Twitch TV channel. The drama starts happening at the 7:30:00 mark.  Live streams for Cross Assault start at 8am PST on the Team Spooky Channel, IplayWinner Channel, and Capcom Unity Channel on

Update:  A video has shown up on YouTube by a user named "CrossAssaultHarass" that shows Bakhtanians commenting on the stream with comments focusing on Pakozdi.  


Oscar Gonzalez - Editor-in-Chief og (@) | all author's articles

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