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Crazy Escape Review
Posted on December 28, 2011 by Jack

Bulkypix seems to be one of the more heavily focused developers on this site, although their previous releases haven’t exactly set the world on fire. Their search for pick-up-and-play gold on the iPhone continues with Crazy Escape, which tasks players with rescuing loose sheep from wolves whilst driving a jeep with two penguins behind the wheel. Considering that Angry Birds focuses on birds with a penchant for catapults and their attempts to rescue stolen eggs from pigs, Crazy Escape definitely has the wackiness down, but when it comes to not being able to put your device down instead, is the game good?


Road Trip! - Crazy Escape offers up a great deal of content, even if this is not evident at first. Opening on the slightly disappointing total of three chapters, you soon discover that each chapter contains over 50 levels each, and although these last a matter of seconds each, the challenge behind each one ensures you’ll be attempting them multiple times. Each level also has a variety of objectives, from collecting stars to completing the level within the shortest distance possible.

Changing Lanes - Whilst the objective of each level is identical, the way in which you complete them has some nice variety. From mud, which affects your turning, to collecting keys to unlock caged sheep, to a wolf chasing you along the road, different challenges are constantly being presented, which helps to keep the game fresh and prevents boredom from rearing its ugly head in what could easily have been a repetitive experience. 


Finger of the Gods - One of the most difficult aspects to balance with iOS games/mobile games in general is allowing freedom of movement without obscuring the view of the action. Sadly, Crazy Escape doesn’t balance this as well as it should. It’s very difficult to draw a road and keep the screen clear, and with the amount of obstacles on-screen, it’s important to be able to see where you’re going. Unfortunately, a lot of the time you will feel like you’re driving with a blindfold, or at least an eye patch.

Crash Course - Games built on speed don’t have to be forgiving, but it does help when they’re at least fair. On many occasions in Crazy Escape, I was sure that I had driven over a key, or a sheep, or avoided a house or tree, only for the game to tell me otherwise. The distance must have been a matter of millimetres, if that, yet it was often enough for the game to call foul play. Sure, it could just be that I suck at the game, but I’m pretty confident that that may not have been the only factor at play.

Slow Coach - I can’t tell you the number of times that I was a couple of stations away from my stop on the subway, and I figured that I had time to play just one more level before leaving the train. However, this was not to be, as on multiple occasions I was left with a loading screen that lasted a minute or more. On a console or PC game, this is bad enough, but on a portable game, a platform which is designed for accessibility and quick bursts of play, this is fatal. 

Crazy Escape is easily one of the better Bulkypix-designed games that I’ve had the chance to review in the last year, but as with many of the other releases, it shoots itself in the foot at crucial points which prevents it from achieving greatness. This is a shame, as the basic idea is a novel and unique one, and the game itself has a lot to offer. As is often the case with Bulkypix products though, the frustrations outweigh the joys on offer, and considering how disposable mobile games are, this gives Crazy Escape an even shorter shelf life than could be expected. There are certainly worse games out there, but sadly, Crazy Escape is distinctly middle-of-the-road.


Jack - Staff Writer | all author's articles

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